Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 1 of my Glamour.com food diary

7:30 am: 1 banana, 100 calories
mood: content
location: kitchen table

9:30 am: 1 handful raw almonds, 160 calories
mood: content
location: kitchen table

11:30 am: 1 serving roasted turkey, 1 tbsp dijon mustard, 7 cherry tomatoes with 1 tbsp Italian Dressing, 2 slices Pepperjack cheese, 300 calories
mood: self righteous, prideful re: my self control
location: kitchen table

11:35 am: 1 medium-sized snickerdoodle cookie, 100 calories
mood: pissed off
location: kitchen table

11:45 am: 1 medium-sized snickerdoodle cookie, 100 calories
mood: near-homicidal rage directed at my research
location: standing in kitchen, refrigerator door open

11:47 am: 1 medium-sized snickerdoodle cookie, 100 calories
mood: hate hate hate hate hate hate
location: standing at kitchen counter over open cookie canister

I can already imagine the next entry

1:30 pm: 14 medium-sized snickerdoodle cookies, one-half tub cream cheese, three biter biscuits, and a box of microwave turkey bacon, 7000 calories
location: none of your damn business!!!

I think I might be a stress-eater.

The website told me that my BMI is 24.9 which is 0.1 point below "overweight". Or as I like to call it "perfectly freaking normal thankyouverymuch now pass the coffee cake." Not a good motivator. But I reminded myself that my goal is to eat healthier to be a good example to Charlie. And also to stop eating an extra thousand calories a day in coffee shop cookies before Charlie stops nursing so that I don't grow a second ass.

The food police also told me I should get 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise today. I think the food police need to chill out.

And also? I think I am having boob cramps. Just the left one and it hurts just enough to be really annoying. Anyone know what this is?


Sarah said...

oh my god so funny. am eating 4 rolos right now and have my own work open in another window...

Amber said...

Hey! Don't sweat it! Like you said, your main focus is to eat healthier. As for the BMI stuff, don't worry about it. Mine says that I'm obese and I giggle every time I see it. You've taken two big steps by (a) recognizing that you're a stress eater and (b) writing everything down. To me (being someone who has been on a diet most of their life) that's great! Just remember, it's a process and a journey, not a race.

As for the boob cramps it could be nerves re-attaching themselves (that is if it seems to be a sharp shooting pain). After my breast reconstruction the doctor said that it was pretty normal. But, it could also be that you slept on it funny. I love reading your blog!

Lindsay said...

So I just spent the past 15 minutes stalking you and your adorable family via your photos... ok... maybe closer to 45 minutes. Anyway, I love the one of you on the swing - what a great smile! You look absolutely terrific!

Anonymous said...

I've heard shoe shopping helps to relieve the stress eating...at least that's the excuse I'm using :) Actually I'm a bored-eater. So I've been cleaning since the moment I woke up this morning to avert any bored-ness. I have to be in a swimsuit in less than 6 weeks in front of people who KNOW ME! If its a bunch of strangers, than I don't care if they are judging my belly. People I know bother me. -a
p.s. Also like to mention how much I hate that boys bodies never change, while ours can fluctuate between 3 sizes in the course of one month! Stupid boys :)

Leslie said...

Dear Becca,

This is the food police. We have been monitoring your journal and been put on high alert for your alarming eating behavior.

We will let you off with a warning this time, but don't let it happen again. If you persist in this manner we will be forced to haul you and both of your asses off to food prison. Put the doughnut down slowly and step away...

The Food Police

Kyla said...

Pass the cookies this way. ;)

Leah said...

The BMI is stupid. It is totally stupid. It does not prove anything and says normal people are obese and is the reason that our country is freaking out about obesity even though it doesn't really measure who is overweight or obese. But since the gov't is stupid, they use it anyway. Honestly. There was an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit this season about it. It would simultaneously piss you off and making you very relieved.

The boob pain sounds like a plugged duct to me. Does it feel kinda like a bruise in your boob? If so, it's a plugged duct. Try to nurse on that side as much as you possibly can (don't neglect the other side, but maybe pump mostly on the other side since pumps aren't as efficient as babies) and apply warm, moist heat like a compress or a hot shower just before he nurses. They suck, but if you catch them early they're not bad.

wordgirl said...

Boredom eater, here. The more stimulated I am, the less I need to eat. Suffice it to say that I need massive amounts of stimulation these days and I'm not getting it. Thus...

becky said...

I second Leah, on the BMI and the duct. Another tip to help with the duct (one that worked well for me when I had a near mastitis incident when Ella went from sleeping 7ish hours a night to 13 one night!) is to, while in aforementioned hot shower, *gently* apply a little pressure the sore area and knead forward while hand expressing a little milk. If it hurts more don't mess with it, but you might notice that that part is more productive than the rest if you are a bit backed up. And also orient Charlie so his nose is pointing towards the sore spot while nursing, that way he'll draw from that set of ducts more.