Monday, July 9, 2007

Charlie Says

Charlie "self portrait"

"I'm worried about you, Mama. Why don't you have a nice glass of tea and lie down? How about some cookies?

"I am experiencing separation anxiety, a perfectly normal part of my development. And you are experiencing horomones because I have been eating more solid foods. They make you a little nuts. Why, don't you remember how loud you used to yell at the other drivers before I was born? I do.

"I had a nice day today. I played with other babies and we went for a walk. I was fed and my diaper was changed and they held me when I was sad. I even took a nap! And you know that it's not easy to get me to take a nap these days. And I was so happy to see you when you came to pick me up.

"You must be so relieved that your paycheck finally arrived in full today and that you found a previously overlooked citation for a book in the library that will help you with your work. I am glad you are feeling a little better. Let's eat some kiwi and bananas and watch a movie together, mmmm k?"


Anonymous said...

He likes kiwis? What a cool kid :)

Kyla said...

That Charlie...he's got looks and smarts. You should listen to him. :)

Sarah said...

awww-- he's smart and adorable

Anonymous said...

That Charlie! What a thoughtful chap to write you a note and reassure you that he still loves and appreciates you.

Anonymous said...

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