Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A tribute to my friend A... (who is MOVING. the nerve)

One thing that really sucks about grad school is that you make wonderful friends and then their husbands get offered really awesome jobs and they move to freaking Kansas. I remember when I met A. We were at a department barbeque to welcome the new students and after a few minutes I tentatively asked her for her phone number and said something along the lines of "Wanna be friends?" because I could not then, nor ever will be able to behave normally in social situations. We now share shoes, a hairstylist, and an OBGYN.

A few weeks after the barbeque A and her husband had a Halloween party at their house. Ryan and I went as a Catholic school girl and a priest. I was momentarily concerned I would offend A, who is Catholic, but she took one look at my costume and said "I wore the same thing a few years ago but I made it look A LOT trashier. And they made ME answer the door when the cops came!"

Halloween 04 (old picture)
That's A on the left (she and another friend were Axl and Slash) and my other A friend, now Charlie's Godmother.

The A's took on the role of social directors for our little group of friends, planning trips to the Drive-In and to concerts, and this little get-together where we used an ax and a truck to remove a dead tree from their yard.


She and her husband and all of our friends here have truly become a family; we share eachother's joys and hurts, commiserate over the mutual frustrations that come with being in school and have shared countless shopping trips, movie nights, happy hours, cookouts, baby showers, wedding showers, and birthdays. This year, when Charlie was three weeks old, A and her husband hosted almost all of us along with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law for a Thanksgiving potluck.

When I was pregnant, she made me brownies and then we laid on her couch, her hand on my belly, waiting for Charlie to start swimming around in response to my heightened blood sugar. When Charlie was born, the A's and the other A's were among the first visitors to the hospital (the first were my advisor and his wife, not awkward at all "Great to see you! I'd get up but I still can't feel my legs. Oh, and don't mind the bag of pee hanging from the bed"). They brought Ryan dinner and crammed around my bed in the tiny room and passed Charlie around and fussed over him until the nurse came in and forced me to go on a long overdue walk around the nurses' station (IV stand in tow).

A week before Charlie was born, we all went to a party as some of Hollywood's infamous party girls. I was Brittany Spears.

The Ladies
That's Pink, Paris (A), Nicole (Charlie's Godmother), me, and Jessica Simpson. We all hoped I would go into labor at the party because what a great way to show up at L&D!

A loves Charlie like a nephew. She babysat for us once and reported that she checked frequently to make sure Charlie was breathing by sneaking into his room like a ninja and leaning over the crib and putting her ear close to his mouth. She is going to make a really awesome mother one day.

Kevin and Abby with Charlie (old picture)

The moving truck comes tomorrow and they leave on Sunday. I am going to miss them so much.

Abby and me


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm crying....screw moving, I'm moving in and becoming your live in nanny :) God I'm gonna miss you guys :( --abby

Kyla said...

Awww...she sounds awesome. I'm sorry she is moving away! She sounds like the type of friend you keep foreverm just have to plan more vacations to get together, and that is fun, right? :)

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest thing EVER! Making friends as a kid (especially best friends) is nothing compared to how hard it is when you're an adult. And then they have to go and move. Where's the justice?