Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sick Day

Me and Snotbucket just got back from Target where we bought all the infant cold remedies that have been lost since the last cold. Saline nose drops and a new filter for the humidifier which I hope will fix the problem we are having. It is full of hard water scum. When that happens to the coffee maker I run a cup of vinegar through it, but I don't think you can do the same thing to a humidifier without creating a toxic cloud.

I also bought Kleenex which I had to open in the store to dab at the two green snot trails that were racing down Charlie's face. Poor little guy.

Next on the list was a larger swim diaper to replace the one I crammed him into yesterday. And because Target is the Devil's House of Retail Temptation I just could not resist this:

"Do you like my swimming cost-yume?" (he has a British accent in my head)

Something seems to be stuck to my head.
He's practicing for his New Kids On The Block audition.

I was pretty psyched to discover that this swim diaper had shorts attached instead of the Speedo he used to wear (which was becoming more and more of a thong now that he is over the weight limit). Still doesn't contain liquids though. (Does NOT contain liquids! So don't get excited, get him dressed for swimming and then sit him in the stroller for half an hour. Babies go potty every twenty minutes, do the math.)

He's taking his third nap now as part of my "Get over this cold right now because swim class is just a sneaky way for me to make friends" virus blasting bootcamp (and he loved swimming yesterday. LOVED it. I am really looking forward to going back and again showing up an hour early to giggle with excitement every time someone looks at me. Oh and to let Charlie pee all over the stroller.)


Leah said...

Just FYI, swim diapers don't absorb pee because if they did they would absorb the swimming water and drag the baby down into the depths of the sea. They're really just there to hold the poop so no one has to swim next to a floater. But as a fix for your stroller/getting ready issue - do you have any prefolds? I would just trifold an infant prefold in the swim diaper and then take it out before you put him in the actual water.

Sarah said...

Harry has that hat-- sooo cute. Hope Charlie feels better, and have fun swimming.

Amber said...

He is ADORABLE! yay for swim lessons!!!

Kyla said...

Gosh, he is adorable!!!