Sunday, June 3, 2007

No it's NOT a Mom-bag. I think.

I have been saving since January for a new purse from Coach. I went to many times and picked out the one I wanted. I noticed Coach bags that other people had. I even borrowed one from a friend and used it while I was on a trip. I loved it. I had $120 saved and then after parents gave me a generous birthday gift of cash I finally had enough. I went to the store to pick it out, but when I got there, the one I had picked out online looked like something that came out of a Boca retirement community. The friends I was with were very polite, but on the inside I'm sure they were envisioning the three of us discussing our upcoming hip/knee/teeth replacement over canasta and G&Ts. Mmm gin.

I found another nice bag at Banana Republic, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I will never be the kind of person who can spend $300 on a purse no matter how pretty it is. Instead, I found one I loved at TJ Maxx and spent $70 (Compare at a MSRP of $158! Score!!), which is a HUGE splurge for me considering my last two purses cost $15 and $3 respectively. It's black and square and leather and has two handles.

And LOOK at all the stuff I can put in there!

(Charlie's hat, assorted lip glosses, mystery allergy medication, books, pens, wallet, garage door opener, cash for groceries, iPod, keys, diaper)

Stuff, like gases, expands to fill the available space. Join me on the road to crazy, will you?

And now I have money left over to buy some other things I've had my eye on.

OK maybe not that much extra.

When Charlie wakes up I'm going to take NewBag for a test drive to the grocery store to buy cookies. Because they didn't have the right kind at the New Fancy Grocery Store (on the New Fancy Side of Town where people don't drive their SUVs into apartment buildings) where Charlie and I had lunch. They did have some adorable thumbprints decorated like ladybugs (is that what you would describe as "whimsical?"), but I need substance! I need walnuts! I need chocolate chips!

There's Charlie now!

Edited to add: Ryan planned a wonderful birthday celebration for me at a local Mexican Restaraunt. We drank beer, we ate chips, we laughed, we told inappropriate jokes at the expense of our Puerto Rican friend Hector. A good time was had by all.
Family Pic
Kirsten, Andrea, Judie
Hector and Dennis
(That's Hector on the left. Hector worked in Canada for six months and was detained at the border because, in his words, "I forgot to shave and they thought I was in Al Qaida")


Sarah said...

Totally know what you mean and am the same way about sunglasses. Want Chanel, but buy 3-for-$10 at Wet Seal. How about a pic of the bag?

Kyla said...

Yay! I just spent $10 on a new purse this weekend, which is huge because I haven't bought a purse in a few years now! Eeek! I also went jeans shopping. It was a good weekend.

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!