Saturday, June 30, 2007

My trip so far in 5-minutes or less

Because someone insisted we bring only his laptop and insists that his dissertation is soooo much more important that my little hobby and if I remember correctly we are here to get a job so that when he finishes his dissertation and I am unemployed we'll be able to keep Charlie in YoBaby and me in bad-carbs.

So. A few things that I simply must tell someone about:

1. Exit Logan Airport at Joe Schmoe bus/taxi/subway level, don't see airport-pickup guy, call airport-pickup guy, go up one level to Fancy Schmancy "limo" level, see man in a suit bearing a sign with our last name next to an extremely fancy black car. Sit in cushy leather seat drinking cool bottled water reflecting on how incongruous the assortment of duffel bags and baby crap we chose to bring was with the whole limo thing. And also wonder if limo driver was able to see up my skirt while I was installing the carseat. Or if he heard me swearing at the car seat.

2. Arrive at Hotel Dreams Are Made Of. Man in suit opens my car door. Step out gracefully holding Charlie on one hip. Toss hair and stride into the lobby through doors held open by more men in suits. Say "Get me a martini" to no one in particular as I decide I am ready to live the limo riding, four star hotel staying life.

2a. Am extremely grateful that I chose to wear a nice skirt and top instead of dressing like a Katrina refugee as I normally do.

3. Arrive in room, make valient attempt to stop gushing and swivelling my head around gape mouthed at the beautiful surroundings. Fail. Ryan hands tip to bellman, narrowly stopping me from grabbing him by the shoulders and exclaiming "Oh my hell there's a TV in the bathroom! (it was IN THE MIRROR. It's like a babysitter for your HUSBAND).

4. Walk out of hotel with Charlie in the morning, effortlessly make ten million friends, have breakfast and shopping with one, playgroup with a few, and lunch with another. I am not making this up.

5. Have lovely dinner with Ryan's interviewer and his wife who gives Charlie her coin purse to play with and suck on then takes him for an educational walk around the room.

There's much more to tell but I'm sitting upstairs in my grandparents' cottage where the wireless internet from the neighbor's house works the best. And it's time for bed because SOMEONE will be up in a few hours wanting to play (Charlie. Not Ryan. Ha ha HA).


Kyla said...

OMG! Awesomeness! :)

Sarah said...

tv in the bathroom-- ha! sounds awesome and I hope the interview was good.