Sunday, June 10, 2007


I think the teeth are coming. I've said it before, but I really think they're coming this time.

Charlie wakes up crying several times between when he goes down and when we go to bed (ha ha HA you thought I was going to say go to sleep. no). And wakes up around 3:30 usually wanting to nurse before he'll go back to sleep. And since he went back to work and got lazy with his pumping schedule, Ryan is not lactating so even though he is the most helpful involved dad ever to be, he can't help Charlie go back down then (in the middle of the #$@#$# night).

And LAST night was even neater because lightning struck something really close by--probably the meth-lab apartments because that place seems to invite trouble--causing Rossby and Charlie to lift their voices to the heavens together, a chorus of barking and terrified screaming that would have been absolutely hysterical had it not been three o'clock in the morning. And that happened twice!

Did I mention how pleased I am that our church has begun providing gourmet coffee in the parlor before Sunday School? Regrettably it is not available in IV form. I must speak to someone about that. We're doing the most interesting study in our class about Genesis and how it relates to science and the most insightful comment I could come up with today was "Baby won't sleep. Mama tired. Poop. Poop poop poop."

In other news, I have finally given into the reality that I can't pump enough to keep up with Charlie's daycare needs. It's probably because I am not taking care of myself (see Sleep, utter lack of), but I am pumping three to four times for two bottles and it's exhausting. Ryan bought a can of formula today. And it made me really sad (and not just because it costs almost a dollar a bottle). Charlie loved the bottle we gave him today and ate all eight ounces (or $0.92 worth) quickly. And then the most wonderful thing happened. I pumped to make up for that lost feeding and got SEVEN OUNCES. That's a whole bottle! For about a month I had been getting four at best. And I just pumped for the last time before bed and got another FIVE (I had been getting two). It seems taking the pressure off has made a huge difference (that and learning to balance the pump bottles on my legs so I have both hands free to talk online work on my dissertation). And now I know that the formula is actually a means to continuing the breastfeeding and pumping and not the beginning of the end. And that makes me so happy.

Now I am off to bed. Perchance to sleep. But probably not.

Edited to clarify: I was pumping the last time of the day before bed, not the last time ever. It would be nice to get rid of that little vampire completely but it's going to have to wait.


Sarah said...

We started using formula on Harry's cereal and in his sippy cup around 7 months because the pumping, it was driving me CRAZY. He loves formula, and I realized it's not rat poison-- who knew-- and he is now loving a cow's milk/formula mix, meaning we have hopefully bought our last can because yikes! It's really expensive. I was going nuts counting frozen ounces of breastmilk-- nuts, I telly you. So, yeah. And not so much on the sleeping here, either.

Leah said...

You rock for figuring out what would work best for you guys. And the unexpected awesome relaxed pumping is even awesomer!

Teeth suck ass. I hate them.

Kyla said...

That is great. I'm a firm believer in finding the right balance for YOU and not doing what you feel you are "supposed to" or what everyone else is doing. That one little bottle of formula made you double the mommy milk! I say it was worth it.