Friday, June 15, 2007

Is that...THE SUN?

When my twenty-three pound alarm clock o'love went off this morning, I opened my eyes and was most pleasantly surprised to see that the sun was already up. And I wondered what had become of the crippling exhaustion I have been fighting daily for the last two weeks. Could it be? Did he sleep ALL NIGHT without requiring nursing, rocking, singing, or the video of Al Gore's presidential debate appearances?

I should back up a bit here, because Charlie is only one reason that I haven't been sleeping, up until last night anyway. Our neighbor's three dogs have been barking all. night. long recently. They sit literally four feet from our paper-thin track house window (once Ryan locked himself out and I was nursing Charlie down in the nursery and Ryan stood outside the window and asked me to come let him in as if he was standing right next to me talking) and bark. Two nights ago around 1:00 am it finally got to me. I opened the window and said "Be quiet stupid dogs!" in a not yelling but not so friendly tone of voice before collapsing onto my bed as they barked even louder.

I went to the family room to read my book for a few minutes, hoping it would knock me out so I could sleep there for the night. A bit of time passed and then I heard a strange noise and looked up to see Ryan dragging our queen sized mattress down the hall, a big proud grin on his face. He set it up by the fireplace and the TV and tucked in the sheet the way I like it. We turned on a movie and were both out within thirty minutes.

Until an hour later when Charlie woke up wanting to nurse.

Last night I fell asleep (ASLEEP!)watching Sex and the City reruns and eating cookies. And then Charlie slept all night save for one pacifier replacement. Oh this headache free, clear eyed, might live until noon without the aid of a Venti ANYTHING feeling is PRICELESS.

Here are some pictures of Charlie from the last couple of days.

Teeny Scrubs.  Why not?
A friend who is a nurse had these for her son and gave them to us when he outgrew them.

Teeny Scrubs.
He was way more into trying to eat the grass (baby's first hash brownie?) than playing with the more appropriate toy I brought outside.


Oops! I meant, "Here is Charlie in a vinyard."

Charlie in the Vinyard


Kyla said...

He is so adorable!! And sleep is amazing, is it not?

Sarah said...

he sleeps all night? w.o.w. sooooooo jealous. and? he is ADORABLE-- love the scrubs!

Anonymous said...

I was always startled by the first "sleep through" night and then...totally on board with it. The additional REM sleep made all the difference.