Monday, June 25, 2007


We are going back to the House of Pain and Germs today. Where no matter what is wrong or not wrong with Charlie I am either over-reacting, under-reacting, wrong, really really wrong, a silly first timer, or negligent. Yipee!

I'm getting Charlie's ears checked. Because he has another cold. Because apparently he gets colds in the summer when it's ninety degrees outside and not in the winter. Not even when we took him on a plane to Pittsburgh in January when he was two months old. He screamed for several minutes last night when I dared try to nurse him to sleep. Charlie's never really been a screamer, so when he gets that upset you think maybe something could be wrong. But they don't follow that line of reasoning at the House of Pain and Germs. They just roll their eyes and tell you to give him Benedryl for the frillionth time ($20 please).

Of course Charlie might have been screaming because he didn't want anything else to eat. Last night for dinner he had five or six veggiepuffs (which are Cheerios that cost three times as much), a tub of Gerber applesauce, half of a YoBaby, and an entire banana before I cut him off. When he was in the bathtub I noticed that his belly was pooched out like he'd just eaten Thanksgiving dinner and had unbuttoned his pants and fallen asleep in front of the Texas-A&M game.

Alright, since the allure of the LeapFrog activity table is wearing off and I'm still in my pajamas and the diaper bag is still unpacked, I better go.

UPDATE: It's a cold. Ahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

A cold can make anyone feel out of sorts. Hungry...but not hungry. Tired...but not tired. Ach! You've got your hands full, my friend. I hope he feels better soon.

Sarah said...

house of pain and germs-- ha! hope he feels better soon

Kyla said...

Holy crap! My 2 year doesn't eat like that yet! Of course, she SHOULD be...but that is neither here nor there. I am WAY impressed by Charlie's amazing appetite.

Feel better soon, Charlie!!

Becky said...

Hey. Has he gotten his top teeth yet? My mom always said we got really stuffy with the top ones, and I know Ella hated being nursed to sleep when she was teething. Either way, hope your appt goes well and he feels better soon!:)