Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why run when you can lactate??

Most women dread their yearly trip to THE doctor, but after having Charlie and spending time in the hospital where the nurse comes in to "check your stitches" while your boss and your pastor are awkwardly standing side by side staring intently at a smudge on the ceiling somewhere, it's really not that big of a deal.

Plus this time we began the appointment by looking at pictures of Charlie and she oohed and ahhed about how cute he is and how big he is and "oh look, he's sitting up! what a smart baby!" Worth it!

And I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed being the skinniest girl in the waiting room (ok it was full of pregnant women).

Anyway, I'm telling you all of this to tell you that when I stepped on the scale, the nurse set the big weight and then started moving the little weight to the left, then a little more, then a little more, until the scale was balanced at SEVEN POUNDS BELOW MY PRE-REGNANCY WEIGHT. The even better news is that I am going to make a million dollars by marketing my new book: Eat all the coffee cake you want and still lose forty-seven pounds without exercising.

I celebrated by scrapping my plan to eat less crap and then running out to Starbucks for more coffee cake while I was waiting for my prescription. And then I made Ryan buy cookie mix while he was at the store. And then we ordered a pizza.

I'm beginning to think the extended breastfeeding camp has a point.

And also, I have a serious case of Mom Brain. Exhibit A:

And that was AFTER I condensed two cans into one. Anyone have any good recipes that call for breadcrumbs? I only use them for meatloaf (2/3 C), which is why I bought another can today. Awesome.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-- yes! I weigh over 10 pounds less than I did before Harry, and I eat like crazy. Breastfeeding is the best diet EVER. He is almost a year, but I am going to keep nursing at night and probably first thing in the morning for as long as he wants. I am more than ready to say buh-bye to daytime feedings, though. And to nursing bras.

Steph said...

We use bread crumbs all of the time. I have a new favorite recipe for pork tenderloin coated in bread crumbs. I'll have to pass it along when I get back.

Leah said...

Breastfeeding is similar to running 5 miles a day. Yes please!

I am breastfeeding for as long as we're both happy with the situation. No age limits.

Anonymous said...

To quote Samantha from "Sex and the City":
"Now there's a diet I won't be trying"

Kyla said...

You lucky ducky!! I'm way over my pre-preggo weight, still! And the youngest is two! *sob* Of course she couldn't BF, so I was shortchanged! *lol*

Art Nerd Lauren said...

This? is not helping my baby fever.

Well, really, this whole blog doesn't help, what with the relative sanity (I mean, really, is it EVER sane?)with which you're approaching the whole dissertation-writing while raisin' a baby thang. And the cuteness of Charlie, of course!

Ow. Uterus pangs. Stop it

Anonymous said...

I only use breadcrumbs for meatloaf as well. I'd welcome some other ideas.