Sunday, May 6, 2007

When Jupiter Aligns With Mars

I didn't know weekends could be this good! For the first weekend in a long long time we didn't have snow or ice or cold temperatures or tropical storm force winds or torrential rain. It was just pretty pretty pretty from Friday afternoon all the way through Sunday evening.

On Friday, A and I crashed an atmospheric science barbaque at Dr. Advisor's house. A's husband is part of the department but he was out of town and since I knew almost no one there I invited her to come as my date. Shortly after we got there (quite late because of my mad navigation skills) we stashed Charlie in Dr. Advisor's son's crib (where he immediately discovered not one but TWO of R's loveys, rubbed them all over his head, and then settled in for a long overdue nap while sucking on one of them*) and headed to the patio for a beer.

Abby and I had a beer
(You totally can't tell that's a maternity shirt I'm wearing can you? Oh ho ho I am a clever one!)

*I'm pretty sure that sucking on another kid's lovey is some kind of baby faux pas; must remember that in the future.

Charlie slept for a little more than an hour then joined us on the patio for a bottle of his own. Then he drove A and me home.

Charlie was our DD
"You ladies need a ride?"

Saturday morning Ryan and Charlie and I drove to a local coffee shop to get something to drink and then go for a walk in a pretty neighborhood nearby. We walk through this neighborhood frequently to admire the stately houses and the large trees and talk about what it would be like ot live there. We passed a particularly pretty house with an "open house" sign on the lawn and I said "What a great place that would be to live, look there are even kids right across the street!" and gestured at a woman sitting on her driveway with a toddler and a little boy. She said hello and asked how old Charlie was. We struck up a polite conversation. Her daughter was one and her son was four. Her daughter's birthday was that day. We ended up talking for about 45 minutes out on the driveway.

Charlie started to fuss so I laid him down on the driveway to change his diaper and the woman asked if I'd like to come in and use her daughter's changing table. Since Ryan and I are nosy nosy people and we were in a neighborhood in which we regularly fantasize about living it didn't matter that I already had Charlie's shorts off and was halfway done with the diaper change. Her daughter's room was straight out of a magazine. I tried so hard not to gush as I cleaned Charlie up with a name brand, extra sensitive, ten-ply wipe, but it really was beautiful.

Then we went to her kitchen so she could get some crackers for her kids. Charlie was squirmy (because he was so very hungry and utterly unaware of my personal need for friends (!) with kids (!!)). Jane said "I have a bag of toys he would love and I was going to just give them away. Before I could protest she had run off to get them. When she came back we all sat on the floor and she started taking beautiful colorful toys out of a grocery bag. Charlie, who was sitting in Ryan's lap, was entranced. Jane's son brought toy after toy over to Charlie until he was a little Charlie island in the middle of all of them. He was a happy happy boy.

When she insisted we take the toys with us I told her I would find a way to reciprocate. She said "You can reciprocate by coming over sometime for dinner so all the kids can play in the pool!" It was too good to be true. I got her number (yay!) and we are going to get the kids together sometime soon. In the meantime I will be baking some brownies and finding a nice bottle of wine to leave on their porch along with a (warm and polite and hopefully not awkwardly gushy) thank you note.

Today Ryan took me out for a wonderful Mother's Day brunch (because I will be out of town next week). They didn't have highchairs, but Charlie was very content to sit on Ryan's lap and play with his new suction cup jungle toy (that we got from Jane) that was attached to the table. The food was wonderful. Ryan is wonderful. It was so nice. I finished my meal and Charlie was getting tired, so Ryan handed him to me to see if I could get him to go to sleep. While I was wrangling him into a position that almost always makes him go to sleep, this happened:

Diaper Wedge

Suddenly I had a handful of baby-bottom and I was laughing so hard tears were forming in my eyes. Somehow he fell asleep like that and we received many looks of admiration as we carried him still sleeping (and with my hand covering his wardrobe malfunction) out of the restaraunt after our meal.


Kyla said...

Wow! It was like a fated mom friend meeting. Maybe I need to go change diapers in the driveways of a strange neighborhood? *lol*

Anonymous said...

Luckily, he has the buns to pull off that look. Totall!