Sunday, May 27, 2007


Charlie's carseat flipped onto its side today as Ryan drove around a cloverleaf on our way to meet Mrs. Half today. We had it installed exactly as the directions specified for "infant seat installation without base," but the whole thing flipped over, Charlie and all. Charle was asleep. I tipped him back up and tightened the strap as best I could. He looked at me groggily, but then went back to sleep. Poor guy was fast asleep one minute, hanging from his carseat straps the next. It all happened so fast he probably had no idea it happened.

Reason number 67548 Ryan is awesome is that he took Charlie to Sears while I met with Mrs. Half to look for a new carseat. He wasn't able to find one, but he did find a better way to hook the seatbelt into Charlie's car seat. We field tested it by pushing and pulling the seat to see if we could tip it over or get it loose. We went home, confident that the new system would hold, but we are going to Target tomorrow morning. Charlie is one inch away from outgrowing his current seat and I'm not going to wait to find out how our current arrangement would stand up to a wreck.

I had a great time visiting Mrs. Half. We chatted about blogs, and other bloggers we've met, and our respective kiddos. The conversation quickly evolved from "I really identified with your post about X" to "My first sip of beer after the baby was born was like a sexual experience." I'm so glad we were able to work it out.

Tonight Ryan's parents offered to stay home while Charlie slept so Ryan and I could go on a date. We tried to go to Target to look at carseats but they were closed so we went to Sonic and split an Oreo Blast. Then we sat in the car in front of his house and made out like teenagers while bluegrass gospel played on the radio. It was like high school. Except no one flashed the porchlight and we got to be in his room with the door closed after.


Sarah said...

A cute date. About car seats: We freaking LLLOOOOOOVVVEEE the Britax Roundabout-- we have a Toyota Matrix, which is pretty small, and it fits great rear facing. We like it so much that when we have our next kid, we probably won't even use an infant seat and will go straight to the Roundabout. And our infant seat used to tip over on occasion, too.

Kyla said...

I love the date. I miss those kids of dates. *lol*

The carseat thing? BubTar's did that once when he was a little guy. We immediately switched to a convertible (like Charlie he was just about ready to outgrow his infant seat). It was much more secure. It seems like if you follow the instructions, the dang thing should be secure. I'm glad you found out THIS way instead of some much more unfortunate way. Good luck seat shopping!

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Don't ever stop doing the date thing. It gets more and more important as the years pass and you have more kids and less time.