Monday, May 28, 2007

This is me overreacting...

Although is it really possible to overreact to watching your baby's carseat rolling over while you drive around an exit ramp?

This morning we took a family trip to Target. Santa (Ryan's parents) had promised to buy Charlie a new carseat when it was time, so he (they) came with us. We chose the Britax Marathon because it went with Charlie's outfit.
Testing out the carseats

Santa told us he could give us a check so we could buy the seat when we got home and then I had to come clean about our little mishap yesterday. We bought the seat on the spot.

Then we went out to the parking lot where after a spectacular abuse of the Mom-card, I insisted we install it right then and there. In my defense, I figured installing the new seat would be similar to installing the base for the other carseat which is incredibly intuitive and takes approximately nine seconds. It took forty-five agonizing minutes during which I stood awkwardly by the stroller with Santa (Ryan's parents) trying to make chit chat to reassure them that I had not lost my everloving mind.

Ryan installing the new seat
Here's Ryan reading the instructions while Ryan's parents ponder how the same person who let Charlie sleep by himself on a trundle bed two nights ago (because that is where he would SLEEP) was suddenly so concerned about safety that we were all standing in a Target parking lot blinking in the sun for forty-five minutes.

Once the seat was installed, we strapped Charlie in and took pictures. I just noticed that he is slyly flipping the bird. Looks like he's about one picture away from hurling his cell phone at the paparazzi.

Later Charlie treated his entourage to lunch at a local deli.
My future's so bright...

And tomorrow he'll be catching the Red Eye home to start working on his latest project with a-listers Mom and Papa and also Rossby the Dog (as himself).
Ready to fly


Kyla said...

Niiiice seat! :)

Sarah said...

Yeah! How much did you love the "girl Marathon" next to the boy one-- almost bought it just in case #2 is a girl...Charlie looks super comf.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you were overreacting at all, but maybe that's because I would have done the same thing you did in the same way. I still think I'm capable of being objective.