Friday, May 4, 2007

Six Months

Nibbs turned six months old this week. We celebrated with cupcakes. And by "we" I mean Ryan and me (mostly me). We let Charlie play with his and then when he figured out it was food we took it away and put him in the bathtub, which to him is way more fun than eating cupcakes.

6 Months Old

He's learned a lot in six months. He can sit up and eat bananas. He likes to sleep with a "lovey" (anything soft that can be rubbed on his face will work, but my favorite is his elephant) and a pacifier. He likes to pat things over and over again. He likes to play with groceries while you shop (reason #292 I can't move out of this town is because the other day the cashier at the grocery store typed in the SKU for a bag of shredded mozzarella instead of taking it away from Charlie so she could scan the barcode). He pops his legs up when you lay him on the changing table. He has toy preferences (favorites include the thing where you stack the plastic rings on a plastic stick and a vaguely disturbing rattle that features a pig with plastic rings coming out of its body). He hates it when the sun is in his eyes and he loves it when you sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm and make exaggerated pig snorting noises. If you stand him up near the coffee table he can hang onto it and stand for a little while. He has a friend named Jack at daycare. Jack is 9 months old and says "Bye bye". This scares the heck out of me.

Here are a few pictures of Charlie over the months. I'm not as organized as some people who take a wonderful series of pictures of their baby every week and then (gasp!) label them (!!), but they're in order (ish).

Charlie Time History

I forgot how tan Charlie was in the beginning. That was the result of my codeine/sleep deprivation induced jaundice therapy idea (taking off all his clothes and feeding him in the backyard) It worked like a champ, the pediatrician marveled at how fast his biliruben levels declined. And he looked like a movie star!

Oh, and that hat from the first picture still fits but it looks pretty silly. He only wears it around the house now. Just kidding (but not really).


Anonymous said...

Ok I think my uterus just kicked :) That's amazing how much he's grown!

Sarah said...

He's so adorable. Harry is a patter, too, and it's so darn cute. Happy six month b-day to Charlie!

Sarah said...

Oh and another thing-- we have that high chair, too. How the heck do you keep it clean? Ours is seriously grungy, and the cover falls apart in the wash!

Leah said...

He is SO CUTE!!!

Kyla said...

So very cute!