Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mr. Nibbs Goes to Washington

Charlie with a funny hat
(The real reason I became a parent is because you can take some really hy-larious vacation pictures of your unsuspecting baby. Stuff your husband would never let you do to him)

Because I lived for so long in such a nice place and because I now live an a less nice place that I really love for a variety of reasons, it is hard to picture myself living anywhere else but one of those two places. As a result, Ryan and I have had a series of very frustrating conversations that go like this:
R: I have an offer for an on-site interview in western Massachussetts
Me: [crickets]
R: Is that somewhere you would want to live?
Me: [avoid eye contact]
R: Soooo
Me: Isn't that where all the New England rednecks live?
R: I should say no?

Now I know where I want to live. I want to live in Arlington, Virginia. I even found a nice house to live in. Here I am scaring the hell out of the current residents by acting like I'm going to walk into their yard at 8:30 on Sunday morning:
Me at "my new house"

It is within walking distance of a nice grocery store, several coffee shops, some restaraunts, a mall, and a metro stop. Oh, and the National Science Foundation where I am going to work (they don't know this yet).

I was excitedly explaining my affection for Arlington to a woman at a brunch we went to at my dad's friend's house and when I finished she unsmilingly said "People in Maryland don't like Virginia." To which I replied "I'm going to get some more wine, can I get you anything?" before turning around and rolling my eyes at no one in particular (Ryan said he got the same vibe when he lived in College Park, MD for a summer. People from Maryland are "state-ist").

Here's another picture of my house. This one is from the front. That's my aunt on the left and my dad.

Where I want to live

On Sunday afternoon my dad and Charlie and I went downtown to show Charlie where laws are made. Charlie really got into the spirit of democracy and surprised us all when he started yelling through one of the gates at the White House "Mr. President, when are we going to have federal legislation to make the workplace more family friendly? National standards for daycare NOW!"

Charlie trying to enter the White House grounds

My dad and Charlie

Charlie had a great time with my dad. They went for walks and watched movies and took long naps. I was very grateful that Charlie was in such good hands while I was at the conference. The conference was awesome. There was a lot of discussion about careers aimed at the grad students. There was a session on increasing diversity in grad programs that turned into a forum on how to increase enrollment of women by making graduate school and jobs more family friendly. It was really the kick in the pants I needed to stay motivated (although right now I am sitting at the coffee-shop-in-the-the-grocery-store working on my blog and catching up on my Google Reader, but that's because I'm so exhausted I can't think straight. Remind me to write about my hellish experience with American and Continental Airlines sometime soon. The title will be "Cancelled flights, delays, holding patterns, rerouting, thunderstorms, and one very very cranky baby.").

The trip was great. I could have stayed for a month. I told Ryan to pack my books and my pearls and my laptop and to sell the rest then come to Arlington with Rossby so we could start our new life. He thought I was kidding. Oh well.


Sarah said...

Glad you're back! Have been stalking your blog. Charlie is even cuter in Washington, and he's totally right about a family-friendly workplace. As I use naptime to check blogs.

Anonymous said...

my brother just moved to Arlington and I was there last weeked, it is tres cool. Cute picks of the munchkin!


Kyla said...

Sounds great...except for the whole airlines bit.

Anonymous said...

A trip out of town. Maybe that's what I need to life me out of this funk. As for Virginia? I was born in Alexandria.

Anonymous said...

People should read this.