Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maybe they'll consider it "enthusiasm"

After my great experience in Arlington I came home ready to jump with both feet into the real world. I was going to "do it all" to "stand up and be counted" and all of that. I sat down at my kitchen table/desk and consulted the internets. I found no less than eight listings for a job that sounded ideal for me. What luck! I spent all day filling in the online resume and applying to the jobs. When I had submitted six applications I had to go pick up Charlie so I never got around to doing the other two. "No problem," I thought, "if it's meant to be it's meant to be."

At the end of each application you get a fax cover sheet so you can fax your academic transcript. I carefully saved each one as a .pdf and gave them to Ryan to print at school. I ordered transcripts from the university and when they came, I gathered all my materials and drove up to school to send the fax. The instructions said to write in the job posting number in the box, so I went back to the website and went to the summary page to look up all the job posting numbers for my jobs. I got a postit note and a pen and wrote down the first job posting number. Then I scrolled down and started to write down the second posting number. Which was exactly the same as the first. The third? The same. ALL SIX LISTINGS WERE FOR THE SAME JOB.

So, I guess I'll be working at my kitchen table for longer than I thought. Because I didn't see "total dumbass" listed among the "preferred qualifications." And I'm sure that any "attention to detail" I might have demonstrated in my resume was rendered null when I submitted SIX APPLICATIONS FOR THE SAME JOB.

Yesterday I took Charlie to an impromptu playdate with our neighbor's 18 month old son, E. They played nicely for about fifteen minutes before E got his hand within grabbing distance of Charlie. Charlie pulled E's hand to his mouth and was about to sink his gums into E's fingers when E pulled his hand away and shoved Charlie on the shoulder. Charlie cried while E eyed him warily. E's mom and I laughed while E moved all his toys out of Charlie's reach in retalliation. Charlie said "Whatever, man, I'll just suck on your remote control." Kids!


Steph said...

THEY are the dumbasses for posting the same job opening SIX times. (for the record)

Kyla said...

Becca, you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate looking for jobs/careers. Sometimes I think they're set up to make you fail before you even start. I think I'll go suck on my remote.

Sarah said...

So funny! "Total dumbass" made me laugh out loud. And Harry is becoming that grabby/smacky/hair-pully kid, and I don't know how to stop him!!!