Monday, May 21, 2007

The Glamorous Life of a WOHM

In DC I had a taste of working full time for the first time and I loved it (and I do mean "a taste" because the actual full-time part only lasted for one day). It helped that I knew Charlie was in great hands and usually he was right upstairs from the conference where I could go visit him during breaks.

I loved having a place to be in the morning and a reason to dress nicely. I loved the schedule and the interaction and the challenge. I loved wearing a professional dress and panty hose (control top? hell yeah!) and heels and a name tag (and also carrying A's Coach bag around). I loved that people asked me tough questions about my research and let me ask them questions about theirs. I loved fitting in among the professionals at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby. I loved that they didn't know I spend most days in $12 pants and aging screen printed tshirts working at my kitchen table part time.

I enjoyed the conference and Charlie had a great time with my dad.

I intended to write this post from a sarcastic point of view, opening with a story about sitting on the bathroom floor in my pantyhose, pumping Charlie's breakfast because I had to be downstairs before he woke up, or maybe about coming upstairs to feed him only to have the opposite boob leak through my nice shirt, requiring some creative name tag placement for the rest of the day. Or maybe about the incredible amounts of iced tea I drank to stay awake during the meeting after being up with Charlie multiple times during the night.

But managing many varied tasks at one time is one of my strengths. So is knowing when something is "good enough" so I can be free to move on to something new. I can't be a perfect mother and a perfect academic. But maybe I can do a good job at both.


Kyla said...

I think you'll do great at both.

Anonymous said...

I could just hug ya sometimes :) You rock! --a