Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When Mucus Attacks

This is your baby on prescription decongestants.

This is your baby on decongestants

Last night he wouldn't go to sleep until Ryan laid him on his own pillow and sang "Jesus Loves Me" softly into his ear. He couldn't eat because he couldn't breathe through his nose. We poured little sips of expressed milk into his mouth from a cup. He was a sad boy. I'm glad he's sleeping now.


Kyla said...

Oh, poor sweet Charlie. I hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Charlie. Even his hair is sick. Tell him we love him and we hope he feels better soon. Grandma and Grandpa Paulsen

Anonymous said...

It's just the worst when they can't breathe and don't know why. Hope he's on the mend soon.