Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nibbs goes to Washington

After much negotiating, instant messaging, plan changing and confusion on all sides, it has been decided that Charlie is going to D.C. with me in May. My dad is going to come too and he will take Charlie while I am at the conference. And my aunt is going to come down from Philly for a night. I am so excited. Please don't tell my nice nice hotel with the special beds that the professional looking grad student with the adorable baby is actually going to be housing a gypsy encampment complete with a Pack and Play and an air mattress in her room.

My dad grew up in the area and I haven't been there since I was in elementary school. We're going to have a great time. Did I mention that I'm excited? I wish it was tomorrow.

Special bonus I: my dad is renting a car. Now I don't have live the urban dream of taking a stroller, a carry-on bag, and a rolling suitcase on the subway by myself. Although I was more than willing to do that purely for the entertainment value it would have provided the readers of this blog (and untold numbers of D.C. area commuters I am sure, if you call getting knocked to the ground by an enormous rolling suitcase tumbling out of control down an escalator "entertaining").

Special bonus II: I may get to see Amalah, the blogger I met in Austin over spring break. That tidbit nearly convinced A to cancel her trip to Italy and come with me in hopes that the three of us could go to Coach and Sephora* together.

I promise many pictures of Charlie being held up in front of national monuments.

*Me going into Sephora would be like Julia Roberts going to the fancy stores on Rodeo Drive before Richard Gere sent the hotel concierge with her in Pretty Woman. I need their help oh so badly but I am in such bad shape they take one look at me and then try to look busy.

In other news, we had very nice weather this weekend and got to spend some time outside. Charlie can sit up for short periods of time.

But sometimes he tips over backwards and gets grass stains on his head.
Learning to sit up is difficult


Kyla said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad everything is working out well and we will get the benefit of all those Charlie photos!

Anonymous said...

yay for your trip, it sounds like lots of fun! And yay for Charlie being able to sit up already. I knew he's a genuis.


Sarah said...

That sounds so fun. And I love the cute little bald spot on the back of Charlie's head. Harry had that, too, until he'd been sitting up for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Yay for a trip to see Amalah! Boo for the grass stains on Chalie's head. You just can't "Shout" out stains like that.