Sunday, April 15, 2007

Honey I'm home!!

My parents were in town this weekend. This morning when I got out of the shower, this is what I found going on in the family room:

Krispy Kreme

Ryan just got back after being gone since Thursday for a job interview. Some things I have noticed as a result of being on my own with Charlie for two whole days before my parents showed up and made sure everyone kept their diaper on and got to eat regularly are as follows:

1. Before 10 in the morning, Ryan is the force without which the entire family would crumble. Ryan is the one who finds my glasses for me if they are not where I can feel them on my night stand. He is the one who loads the diaper bag and fills the bottles and takes Charlie to daycare as I sit pants-less and bleary eyed on the couch wondering if I should get the au lait or the iced tea this morning.

1a. Ryan is also the one who takes the first shower and warms up the bathroom for me (because we have the only house in the universe in which the shower is actually warmer for the second shower-er).

1b. Ryan has never left the house early, thought "I have a few extra minutes, I'll stop for a cup of iced tea and some coffee cake!", then arrived at daycare right on time only to realize the carefully loaded diaper bag is SITTING ON THE KITCHEN TABLE.

1c. Ryan has never overstayed his welcome at daycare causing the nineteen year old teacher to say "Mrs. Academomia? Would you like to join us for puppet time?"

Bottom line Ryan? NEVER LEAVE AGAIN. The next business trip you take better be when Charlie is in college.

And also? We had a very nice chat about the minivan possibility. Ryan was so sweet. He said he really wanted to do it for me. But really, the timing is not great. I mean, unless something changes I will be unemployed as of September and we have no idea where we will be living. So we had a great talk and concluded that we should pass for now. And then Ryan drove my car to the airport and got to experience firsthand what I've been talking about. The exersaucer, carseat, and diaper bag are all in the back seat and our vacuum cleaner and weedwacker are in the passenger seat. Mwahahaha.


Kyla said...

I hate it when Josh it gone. Life just isn't quite right. I'm a sorry excuse for a "wife". When he has to work late on occassion he calls in an order for pizza to be delivered to us, so we don't die of starvation...Lord knows, me attempting to cook could be devastating. Haha! When he's out of town we have to fend for ourselves. Eeek!

Anonymous said...

R- has always been like that (as far back as i've known him). I remember he would be so 'perky' in the mornings. When he gave me rides to school in the impala he'd sometimes pick me up early so we could arrive around 7 am to study for AP Biology...
michael a