Monday, April 2, 2007

Pomp and Poopypants

Charlie was in the Palm Processional at church on Sunday. Correction, he LED the Palm Processional at church on Sunday. He was the Grand Marshall, Baby #1.

In the Palm Parade

Ignore that other kid. Everyone knows the head honcho sits in back. They even let him have a palm. I was so relieved to see that he wasn't chewing on it when he came into the church. The nursery worker wheeled him down the aisle in the stroller like the Pope in his Pope-mobile. It was the most excited I've been in church since my wedding. Behind Charlie's stroller was the Bye-Bye-Buggy (an enormous stroller that carries eight infants) and then a parade of children so long the organist had to improvise long after the hymn was over. They parked Charlie and the other kid in the front of the church on the other side from where we were during the children's sermon, but I could still see his hair.

Ryan let him play with the palm folded like a cross they had given us as we left the church. After waving it around like a crazy televangelist for a while and then chewing on it, he fell asleep with it in his hand. I think he has a future as the kid who carries the cross down the aisle on Sundays, don't you?

Wiped out after the Parade

Then we took him to the university to take pictures with the pretty flowers. We woke him up for this (you might be able to tell) because we are mean like that.

Charlie in the tulips

Charlie says "Dude! I was suh-lee-ping. What the hell?"


Anonymous said...

I can see how he looks very pope-ish riding high in his pope mobile.
-- r

Anonymous said...

All he needs is a little white JiffyPop hat and a white robe and he's ready for Vatican City.