Friday, April 27, 2007

Making Babyfood, Out in 10 Minutes

When I was shopping for my breast pump (or rather, when Ryan was shopping for my breast pump because I was still in denial that my preshus babykins was going to go to daycare) the reviews for the one I ended up buying were all positive with one exception. Many people complained that the pump was "loud". I scoffed "For heaven's sake it's a breast pump, who cares what it sounds like!"

Today? ME, that's who!

I had a meeting with a professor on campus at 10:00 and a group lunch (totally skippable in theory but why pass up a buffalo chicken sandwich) at 11:30, which left me no real time to go home and pump. Charlie's daycare is right across the street from the restaraunt but every time I go there to feed him I end up having to wake him up and then sit there feeding him and making awkward chit chat with his teachers. So I brought the pump with me to school.

I made a cute little note that said "Making Babyfood, Out in 10 Minutes" and taped it to the door of the one-seater ladies room in our office. This one.

About five minutes in, when it's really impossible to stop until you are done, without making a huge mess I heard the voice of our director in the conference room (which shares a wall with the bathroom). And that's when I became all too aware of just how loud this particular model of breast pump is. It sounds like an ink jet printer, except much louder.

I was a little embarassed. But then I thought "You know what? I had a perfectly good office for three years before you kicked me out of it and into that group office in the basement with all the strangers wandering in and out and leaving the door unlocked." And then I thought that maybe I better calm down or the pumping was going to take twice as long.

So I looked at cute pictures of Charlie.


If that doesn't stimulate your let-down reflex I don't know what will.

Charlie is feeling much better. Better living through chemistry and all that. The decongestant makes him feel so much better and he is able to sleep. And he loves his pink bubble gum antibiotic. The smell really takes me back. Learn from my mistakes: when administering liquid medicine to an infant, it is easiest and least likely to stain the carpet and all of your clothing and his pink if he is LYING DOWN. File that one under duh duh duh you idiot you don't give a baby medicine IN AN EXERSAUCER.

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Kyla said...

We do all medicine in the bathroom, during bath when possible. It makes it much less messy!