Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jagged little everything

Just got back from the doctor. I've had a bad sore throat since yesterday morning and Ryan and my dad talked me into getting checked for strep in the interest of me not giving strep to Charlie.

I had a perfectly good appointment for tomorrow morning at Student Health on campus (which would have been free), but after thinking about it some I decided to go to a walk-in place. I didn't want to spend another night shivering under my down comforter afraid to swallow and also the internet told me that strep can morph into really scary things if you don't take care of it quickly (flesh eating virus anyone?).

One hundred bucks later I have a "well yeah it might be strep" diagnosis based on my symptoms (raging sore throat, tender lymph nodes, probable fever last night, and white spots on my tonsils) and a prescription for some antibiotics rated "probably safe for breastfeeding mothers" by the AAP.

Ryan is in Austin today for a workshop. His flight left at 7:00 am. At 6:00 this morning Rossby jumped into our bed and woke me up. I sleepily glanced at the clock and then was instantly awake. Me: "RYAN GET UP OH MY GOSH IT'S SIX O'CLOCK YOU'RE GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!!!!" Ryan: "SHIT!!" [leaves room, returns eight minutes later mysteriously shaven and dressed in a suit] "Bye sweetie, I'll see you tonight!" Me: "Why can't he move like that when we're late for church?"

So think happy thoughts, internet, that this workshop will result in a job offer from a great company with awesome benefits, an onsite daycare, a part time job for me, and a 401K program. Oh and a signing bonus of a bigger car (Honda Element to be specific).


Anonymous said...

Good luck to him! And would that job bring you guys closer to this area?

Kyla said...

Good luck, Ryan!

And feel better soon. We had a strepstravaganza in January that landed our youngest in the hospital. Nooooo fun.