Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Bunny visits Charlie!

We were worried, because there were about five inches of snow on the ground, but he made it! And he brought treasure!

Charlie's Easter Basket

We had a very nice breakfast at church (because nothing motivates Ryan and me to get out the door early like free quiche) with some friends from our Sunday School class. A nursery worker brought Charlie and another baby over in a stroller so she could get some breakfast. As they rolled by our table Charlie just kind of stared at us like "wait a minute, I think I know you guys". It was pretty funny. I also thought it was funny that the nursery worker could eat her breakfast with two babies and we dropped our ONE baby off at the nursery.

Bye Bye Buggy
Charlie trying to loose himself from the sinister Bye Bye Buggy while more average sized babies look on with hope in their hearts that one day they too will be free.

Family Picture


Anonymous said...

The EB brought the 8th Season of "The Simpsons" on dvd to our house. Your Easter chicken looks nice.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, Charlie is sooooo cute. I love his chubby little smooshy cheecks.

Leah said...

Dude, your Easter Bunny brought diapers? Lucky...