Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dream a little dream with me

Today I had plans to have lunch with two of my friends. I was going to pick them up at the university and drive all of us to the lunch place. In preparation I moved all of the baby crap accessories to one side of the back seat so the second friend could sit on the opposite side. When they got in the car they told me they had invited a third person. This required some serious creativity as the backseat contained not only the carseat, but also the stroller that is usuallly in the trunk. The trunk was occupied by Ryan's birthday present from my parents. Finally, we managed to get everyone in with the doors closed all clown car-ish. The stroller was perched on top of the carseat base, and all the baby clothes and diapers were pushed into the space between the stroller and the car seat. The two girls in back just had to be careful not to crush the nine million casserole dishes that are back there until I remember to take them back to their respective owners.

Thank goodness we were only going about ten blocks.

My car has been very, very good to me. I really should write a letter to Dodge, because the Neon is such a wonderful wonderful car. It is roomy, has a good sized trunk, it's fun to drive, and it gets Kyoto Protocol approved gas mileage. And it was very affordable when I got it (when I paid for a quarter of it and my parents paid the rest) in 2001. It is now seven years old and it runs great. I've had very few problems with it, mechanically, except for a small electrical problem with the air conditioner and a weird clutch thing that are both fixed now thanks to Ryan and my dad.

So it is with a little bit of sadness that I admit that my sweet little green car is not working for me as well as it once did. Once the stroller is in the trunk, there is very little room for anything else and the carseat occupies about 40% of the back seat.

It is impossible to put the infant carrier in the base without either smacking your face on the door frame or hitting your head or collapsing your trachea by pinning your neck between the ceiling of the car and the carrier's handle (I've done this many times and I'm sure Charlie could have learned some bad bad words because of it but thankfully you can't actually talk when your trachea is being crushed by a carseat).

After the lunch adventure, I got home to an email from a professor who is moving overseas and is selling all his stuff. One of the items for sale is a very reasonably priced minivan with low-ish miles.

I know what you're thinking. And everyone says they're "not a minivan person" until they have kids and realize how expensive even the smallest SUVs are (and decide maybe they don't want to live out their days eating through a hole in their neck after all the throat crushing).

And oh is it a nice car. It has sliding doors on both sides. And a huge trunk area. And extra seats. And oh geez it's forest freaking green, we would be a living breathing cliche.

I thought I could punk it out a little with some carefully chosen stickers for the back window (and NO, not "My son is an honor student and yours is not. Suckah!"). Ooh and spinners. Klassy.


Anonymous said...

I saw a bumber sticker that said "my dog licked your honor student"...maybe that would spice the car up a bit. That and some flames :) --a

Kyla said...

I am jealous of the minivan prospect...that means I'm officially old, right?

Anonymous said...

If only the word "van" wasn't part of the name "minivan", things would sound so much more hip and groovy. I'm ready to downsize a bit now that my kids are getting older and carpools are almost a thing of the past. That said, I like a ride that is high a truck. I doubt I'll ever drive in a small car again.