Thursday, April 19, 2007

crappity crap crap crap on a crap cracker

Students: Thank you for responding so quickly; several of you showed willingness to travel on short notice which shows your enthusiasm and cooperation.

Becca LastName has agreed to go to the meeting sacrificing her family life for few days; This shows her professional commitment and her husband and baby’s support.

Becca: You are selected to represent our students. Please work with Dr. Professor to get registered, reserve hotel, submit abstract, prepare poster and travel arrangements etc. CA and AW will help you with travel application, funding source etc. Thank you

So I'm going on a little vacay to D.C. in May (hee, that rhymed). It's actually a conference. Funny thing is, CHARLIE WILL NOT BE THERE. He will be HERE. Where I am NOT. I was feeling all woman-hear-me-roar when I sent the email asking to be considered. Dumb. DUMB!!!

And I kinda thought maybe I could take a friend with me (A you know who you are) and then we could take Charlie and take pictures of Charlie with the Washington Monument growing out of his head or of Charlie sitting on Thomas Jefferson's Lap (or of Charlie being detained and interrogated by the Secret Service after I tried to slide him between the fence bars at the White House because I thought it would make a cute picture). But the friend I had in mind will be in ITALY during the conference.

That means I'm going to have to become very closely acquainted with my dread enemy, the breast pump. Because I will be gone for TWENTY-FOUR feedings. And instead of unclenching and just using formula while I am gone, I am going to squeeze two extra pumping sessions into every day between now and the conference. That way when I am presenting my research poster and someone asks me a question that is too hard I can hose them down with breastmilk (and really all that will involve is unbuttoning my jacket because I'm sure I won't be able to pump during the day and the girls will be spraying all Old Faithful-like the entire time).

In preparation for the conference I need to (in order of importance):
1. Lose 10 pounds
2. Buy the perfect professional-yet-stylish-and-cute Coach bag (from the outlet which is six hours away)
3. Figure out what of my work wardrobe I can at least pull the zipper up on/get buttoned/not look ridiculous
4. Get frustrated, spend too much $$ on new conference appropriate clothing
5. Make research progress
6. Write an abstract detailing research progress
7. Make research poster

And I signed myself up for this.


Anonymous said...

Awwww...I would soooo come with you. Who knows, maybe Italy will be scratched and then I can :) Lemme know when you want to shop for said stylish outfit --a

Kyla said...

How exciting/nerve wracking/milky! *lol* I hope it goes well!

Sarah said...

Sounds fun to me! Husband and baby came with me to the last conference I attended, so not as footloose as you'll be. So freaking awesomely fun to wear big girl clothes and talk to grownups about research. Also? Banana Republic has some awesome leather totes that can double as diaper bags.

Anonymous said...

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