Thursday, April 12, 2007

The cat is away

Charlie and I just got back from the fancy grocery store where I shop when Ryan is out of town. For dinner I will be having the gourmet pepperoni take-and-bake pizza with the four giant pieces of pepperoni arranged in a totally impractical but very pretty pattern and for dessert I will be having a bakery brownie of the gooey frosted variety. I just finished my snack of smoked mozzerella and penne salad with mango iced tea.

Why am I treating myself to such delicacies? Because Ryan is at an on-site job interview in freaking Oregon and he gets to eat whatever the heck he wants at whatever restaraunt he wants and all for FREE.

So Oregon. My initial reaction when Ryan mentioned the interview was "Ha, good one honey." After asking around though, we decided he should go ahead and go on the interview trip because it would be good practice and it would look pretty silly to turn down an interview simply because it was in the state next to Idaho.

But now we have spent some time looking at the town online and houses we could live in, places we could eat, places where I would be getting my morning caffeine and adult interaction fix, etc. The place seems to be some kind of huppie paradise with lots of fun outdoor activities like skiing and kayaking and despite a population of only eighty-thousand people, no fewer than TWENTY-TWO entries in the "coffee shops" category on the town website.

So, you know, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. We can be huppies. That's just a hippie with a nice handbag right? We already use cloth diapers. And I've been known to sneak ground turkey into a meatloaf from time to time. Everyone I've asked about the town raves about it.

In other news, my car knows that I was talking about cheating on it in yesterday's post and now it is doing "a thing". A jerking thing that makes me think it's going to stall. It hasn't stalled yet though, and the A/C still works. Come on baby only a few more months to go!


Leah said...

Yup, my husband replaced the starter in my Neon THREE (3) times.

Oh, and Oregon is also something of a beer-lover's paradise.

Kyla said...

We do stuff like that when Josh is gone. I deserve a treat, too!

Ph.D.og said...

OREGON?? Why did I not know this sooner? Given your description of the city, it's likely super close to me. If Ryan comes back, or you want to visit and find out just how fabulous it is, I'd LOVE to see you! Oh, and by the way, Oregon IS a beer-lover's paradise.