Friday, March 16, 2007

Nap Strike Enters Day Three

What do you do with a baby who is obviously exhausted but refuses to nap?

About an hour before it's time for Charlie to eat again, he starts rubbing his eyes and yawning and getting really frustrated with his toys. "OK, it's naptime!" I declare to him brightly. I carry him into his room and sit down on the chair and pat his bottom until he falls asleep (hey it works!). Then I carefully get up and lower him (still asleep) into his crib. And then the invisible vicious dogs and scary, toothy woodland creatures that we keep in there jump out and scare the hell out of him.

So I carry McScreamy back to the chair and repeat the process. And get the same result (his crib is terrifying or maybe just not as comfy as me). Now he is in there with the mobile on not sleeping which means a rather difficult afternoon is in store for me.

My neighbor said she started letting her son cry it out at naptime around this age and that it worked for him and now he is eighteen months and takes three hour naps. It makes sense to me, I mean he's either going to cry himself to sleep in my arms or cry himself to sleep in his crib. At least if he's in his crib I can throw a load of laundry in and load the dishwasher read my new Glamour magazine and update my blog.

Trouble is, we learned on our road trip that he can scream wholeheartedly for an astonishing thirty seven miles (He started yelling near a sign that said "Next Town 37 Miles" and after we decided we would have dinner in the town and give him a break from his carseat he fell asleep just as we got there meaning we got to listen to thirty-seven miles of hysterical screaming AND we didn't get to eat dinner because who wants to risk starting that up again?). So if naptime is usually one hour, that's forty minutes of screaming and twenty minutes of sleeping. Is that really a nap?

And now Rossby has started up with the barking. Send caffeine and refined sugar.


Anonymous said...

"three hour naps" - sign me up

Kyla said...

I'm lucky, I have a crib lover. She is two and still wants to be put in her crib throughout the day for alone time. All kids go through the nap strike phase here and there, I'm hoping its over soon, so you can keep up with your busy Glamour-reading, blog-updating schedule. *lol*