Monday, March 5, 2007

just for the sake of posting something...

Argh, it's been a long time since I last posted something. I hope you haven't given up on me. But I guess if you're reading this it means you haven't given up on me, so thanks! I haven't posted because Ryan's schedule was ca-razy last week and that made my schedule ca-razy. And also I was trying to paint the family room. Oh and that other little project I've been dabbling in--my dissertation.

Anyway, not a lot going on (that is worth writing about anyway). Charlie went for a ride in the "big kid" swing (the one with the leg holes) at the park yesterday. That was really cool.

Oh and I made a most un-ladylike scene at Target on Saturday when I was tired and grouchy and under-caffienated and the flipping lid of the trunk hit me in the head at least eighteen times while I was trying to extricate the stroller. I was extremely underdressed too and it was cold again and after four days of temps in the upper sixties and seventies I was irrationally furious that the temperature dare drop below fifty again. I finally thought I had the stroller free but had only managed to free one of the handles. The rest had come unfolded IN the trunk making it even more impossible to get it out. I said something shocking about the stroller's mother and threatened it harshly (empty threat of course because what does one do with a twenty pound baby and no stroller?). That scared it into collapsing enough to be freed from the trunk but the stroller still got the last laugh. One of the wheels now refuses to touch the ground and instead hangs sideways just milimeters from the floor. Once inside we bought a puzzle for a friend's one-year old baby's birthday party and some tissue paper. Charlie helped me hold the items in the stroller and even unleashed his new tactile skills by mutillating the corner of the tissue paper with a drool covered hand. If anyone else's baby had done it it would not have been cute, but it was adorable when Charlie did it.

Last night we left Charlie with friends from church while we went out for dinner with Ryan's advisor and one of his colleagues. When we left my friendly relationship with Ryan's advisor was intact. I should win an Academy Award.

Finally, a woman whose blog I read ("read" is a very weak term... it's more like "I want to BE her"... somehow she made an entry about walking to Starbucks in the rain so damn funny I sprayed coffee out my nose) is going to be in Austin at the same time we are and she is hosting an open house and I can go and meet her. I will start practicing now so I don't act scary and needy and maybe we can be friends.

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Leah said...

Honestly. Get an Ergo. It's a little tough getting the baby on in the back seat of a car (though, with your weather down there you could probably wear him without even a winter coat so you wouldn't have to squeeze in the back seat to get him on), but 4 squillion times easier than getting using a stroller. Best $92 I ever spent, seriously. Worth fasting for to spend food money on the Ergo.