Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gah! Am not worthy!

On Saturday I got to eat breakfast tacos with Amalah, Dad Gone Mad, and Sweetney in Austin. They were all super-cool and I'm totally glad I went even though I was really nervous about it because I'm kind of a nerd with funny glasses and I wear sneakers with everything. I wore a fun black and white dress that makes me look proportional (it was a triumph of all-over busy-print, ruching, and lycra) and red sneakers. Ryan and my dad and Charlie drove me over there and after feeding Charlie in the car and checking for milk stains, I was off.

I strode into the house confidantly and introduced myself to the group. I was cool as a cucumber.

Then I met Amalah and smiled so huge she could have autographed my tonsils.

I settled into a chair as she said to the group "I was a little nervous about coming here. I knew I'd talk too loud, I'd use my hands too much, I'd knock someone's drink over..." Everyone felt the same way. I was in heaven.

I recognized several people from their comments on Amy's (Amalah) blog. Each person there was fun and warm and unique and I felt so at ease you never would have known I met these people just half an hour before. We all had small kids in common and most of us had blogging in common. The conversation ranged from "How do you increase traffic on your site?" to "Where DID you get that lip gloss?!"

I was part of a lively conversation about eating to near-competative levels with the hostess of the party, Jennifer, who shares my love for breakfast foods. She trumped my Kirby Lane Cafe "Paris, Texas" (six pieces of French Toast and a huge stack of migas, served with tortillas) experience with a story about a trip to La Fonda San Miguel where brunch is $35 and she and her friends stayed for three hours and ate five plates each. She was cool and I want to be her friend (that goes for everyone there).

I made an important realization at the party and that is that if I don't act all shy and nervous and hang around next to the food the whole time like I normally do when I'm insecure in social settings people think I'm interesting. They called my blog title "clever" and Amalah said "Sheesh, you had a baby four months ago? You look good!" (and I died. I died died died died died) And another (very very neat and definitely not from MyTown) girl even complimented my sneakers, calling them "an interesting color splash".

I spent the rest of the day a weee bit full of myself. My color-splashy self.

And then!. Amalah linked to ME on two of her blogs. Here she links to my blog and talks about how adorable Charlie is (I brought him in for show and tell when Ryan and my dad came to pick me up) and here she posted a picture of the party. And I died some more.

And since then, I have gotten five comments, which is like two weeks worth. So I will now need a virtual paper bag to breathe into.

Me with Amalah
Me and Amalah hanging out because I'm cool like that (HA)


Leah said...

You are super cool. I wish I had been there!

Sarah said...

Hi-- linked to your blog through amalah. I just wanted to say that I, too, have a baby and a dissertation, and it's soooo hard to juggle. I am also teaching, which adds another wrinkle. Harry is 9 months old, and I am really just now getting back to my normal productive self, though I am no longer on the fast track to a tenure track job. The end is sort of in sight, but it's a year or so farther than I thought it woul be.

Love your blog title, too!

Sarah said...

oh, and my name is Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad I found this blog. I Your writing is honest and unaffected and...I love your glasses. Which reminds me that it's time for me to get some new ones. Finding more Texas bloggers (I'm from Fort Worth) gives me hope of a get-together in the near future. Or the distant future. I'm not picky.

Kyla said...

Again, it was wonderful meeting you and babylicious Charlie!