Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Damn you and your hot, tasty, drippy goodness

I just realized the subject of this post might be a little obscene out of context. I'm sorry.

A few years ago (like four), Dr. Advisor and I were working on a report together that was due in December. Since it was probably March (the March AFTER the December when the report was due) there wasn't a lot of time for messing around. I was an eager undergraduate research assistant (underpaid data slave) and I was idealistic and LOVED my job (I may have mentioned to Dr. Advisor that I deposited my paychecks four at a time because I don't do this for the money man I do it for the SCIENCE, plus my bank is like three whole blocks and a very busy street away from my house and I didn't want to ride my bike there. Looking back I think I understand why he told his girlfriend-now-wife that I was "a hippie").

After several days of working to finish the report at the expense of working on my actual degree (Or maybe I was just not sleeping or doing anything traditionally considered "fun" like getting out of my office for five minutes) I was tired. So tired. And after somehow making it to my senior year of college without learning to use coffee as a drug and instead using frilly coffee drinks topped with whipped cream and sprinkles recreationally (because "I am an intellectual! Intellectuals drink coffee. I didn't know that what I was drinking was really just a warmed up milkshake) I had a slightly holier-than-thou attitude regarding caffeine addiction and now we all know how silly silly silly that was! I slinked into Dr. Advisor's office and explained that I was very tired and was going to go home to lay down for a couple of hours but would come right back as soon as I woke up ready to charge ahead.

He looked at me in silence for a few seconds, then got up, walked to the coffeemaker in his office, picked up a mug, used his shirt to clean all the old coffee and dust and cobwebs out of it, filled it with coffee, and handed it to me. I looked at it for a minute, hot and steamy in the mug, and let its sweet sweet aroma waft over me(but... but...PLAIN coffee???). I looked back at Dr. Advisor and said "Do you have any milk and sugar?" He just laughed and asked if I'd finished the latest round of revisions on the graphs he'd asked me for.

Fast-forward to now. Four years of grad school (including one three-year-long field project that involved driving to far-flung places like Alabama and Tampa nonstop and with very little notice and often overnight) and one baby later I am wholly addicted to caffeine. I was able to kick it for the first trimester of pregnancy (you're WELCOME Charlie!) but that was a dark dark time filled with lots of napping and complaining and also cheese fries.

And now I am sitting at my kitchen table working in my pajamas and wishing that "the coffee shop", local or otherwise, would deliver so I wouldn't have to put on a bra.


Sarah said...

oh my god-- so funny. I teach public speaking, and every semester, someone does a speech about the dangers of caffeine addiction, and I laugh to myself with a venti in hand-- it's way more dangerous to be a mom without coffee. and just think-- when you're a dr advisor, your grad asses can bring you coffee.

Kyla said...

Yesterday morning we were out of milk, cream, and sugar...and so I didn't drink my coffee. It was THE WORST MORNING EVER. I felt my blood pressure rise 100% more than on a typical rushing to get the kids ready and out the door and not be late for the drop off line morning. Coffee is my drug...and everyone around me is better off for it. *lol* On the way home from drop off, I went through the Starbucks drive through..and in minutes my world was rose colored once again.

Anonymous said...

caffeine?!...yes please. Love the post and the humor behind it.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this: I work for the bux. this is every day of my LIFE. oh caffeine...fill me with your endorphin releasing goodness!

Anonymous said...

i got through grad school on tea, coffee, vanilla coke (which coincidentally was discontinued after I finished grad school) and donuts. And of course the alcohol at night to offset the caffeine.

Michael A.