Monday, March 12, 2007


Because we want to expose Charlie to a variety of experiences, we thought we would be remiss if we denied him the opportunity to let loose on Spring Break simply because he is an infant.

Here is a picture of Charlie enjoying his first solid food.

First solid food?

Amy's Ice Cream is #5497 on the American Academy of Pediatrics' list of suitable "first foods" for a 4 month old, right between Oreos and raw ground beef, but I'd say it's a top ten must-do when visiting Austin.

It's just the thing when you've just eaten some spicy BBQ sauce at Rudy's.

Charlie at Rudy's

Next it was back to Grandma and Grandpa's place for some quality tube time with the cousins.

Charlie with his cousins

And what wild Spring Break would be complete without a nice soak in the hot tub in the arms of some chick with big boobs (that you only met a few months ago HAR HAR HAR)?


Just so none of you gets all up in my face in the comments about babies and hot tubs and ice cream, you should know that the hot tub was lukewarm and he didn't eat ice cream (except for the teeeeny amount he licked off his hand after plunging his fist into Ryan's bowl).

There were plenty of fun family activities as well.

Ryan, Charlie, Charlie, Haddie, and Chris

...and a train ride
On the Zilker Train

Our friends C and H and their two kids came up from Houston to spend a night with us in Austin. We ate ice cream and barbeque, went on long walks, and rode the train at Zilker Park. There would have been canoing and playground-ing too if not for a torrential rainstorm that trapped us all under a picnic canopy for long enough that we figured we should just pack it in for the day and do another visit later on.

I'll post more about how I got to meet Amalah at a brunch held by one of her readers downtown. A summary: I found my people, they loved me, they complimented my shoes and my blog title, they called me clever and skinny. I ate a lot of food and drank a little wine. They squealed so loudly over Charlie (when I brought him in for a minute at the end) that Ryan could hear them from the street. In conclusion: I. need. to. move. down. here. as. soon. as. possible.


Anonymous said...

awwww...yous guys are too cute. I could go for some Rudy's and some Amy's, for real!


Undercover Angel said...

Very cool! It sounds like you're having a fantastic time!

Kyla said...

Hi! I met you at the blogfest this weekend. :) That Charlie sure is a handsome guy!! Those cheeks! Those eyes!! Cutie-patootie.

Anonymous said...

What??? No chicken fried steak at Shady Grove? Really...I'm shocked.

Anonymous said...

'lil Charlie is the cutist baby ever. How much do you want for him?

Michael A.