Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"When you woke up Saturday morning were you embarrassed to live in MyTown?"

Charlie was wearing another baby's clothes when I picked him up from daycare for the third time in a row yesterday. I think it must be the runny teething poop that is causing the problem. His teachers were all excited this time because he was wearing size "24 months" which is crazy because today he is wearing size 6 months. So he is getting closer to age appropriate clothing. Here's a picture of him in his baseball suit and flame Babylegs. (Babylegs are how you turn summer outfits that probably won't fit in the summer into winter outfits)

Yeah I play baseball

Now on to the real topic of this post.

Saturday morning I woke up to two IMs on my computer directing me to check out the local news. Apparently the police raided a Chippendale Dancers show at a local sports bar. The dancers were wearing pants, but no shirts, and all the hooplah went down after they got off the stage and went into the audience and danced in "a sexually suggestive manner." All the dancers were arrested, as were the owner of the bar and a couple of other employees. Everyone spent the night in jail and were released the next day without having to pay bond. No one has been formally charged with a crime yet.

It gets better. Monday at a public townhall meeting that was advertised as a place for citizens to ask any questions they wanted of the City Council a man stood up to ask the City Council about improper and excessive enforcement of the city's sexually oriented business ordinance. Here's a quote:

"Last Friday night, they set this town back 25 years; who else woke up Saturday morning thinking I'm embarrassed to live in MyTown?"

The City Council told him to sit down and be quiet and when he didn't the Mayor and City Council of MyTown walked off the stage and left.

I've complained about the overconservative nature of this town before, but it's not the town this time. Most citizens view this incident for what it is, an abuse of power on behalf of the City Council and a too liberal interpretation of the sexually oriented business ordinance.

In what universe is it illegal for consenting adults in a club to watch men dance with clothes on? What kind of "democracy" is it when the City Council acts as some kind of "morality tribunal" and shut down any activity they personally disagree with. Why do legal adults have to drive to the county line to buy alcohol like it's some kind of covert shameful activity. And there are some real problems (like rampant teenage std and pregnancy rates despite zealous "abstinence only" education and a high level of violent crime for a city of this size) that are not getting addressed at all!

This is the kind of junk that makes Ryan and me want to get Charlie the heck out of here before he's old enough to realize what's going on.

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