Monday, February 19, 2007

Here come the teeth

Someone's teething!! And it is super fun for everyone!! At 11:30 last night, approximately 2 minutes and thirty nine seconds after I fell asleep Charlie was all "MOOOOM! MY MOUTH HURTS!!!! And my nose is running and I AM SAAAADDDD!! So I fed him in his room (must remember to wear pajama pants so I don't freeze when I have to get up with Charlie at night), held him for a few minutes and put him in his crib.

30 seconds later: "MOUTH STILL HURTS! FIX IT!" I said "Ryan, will you puhlease go get Charlie. Please please please." After about five minutes I heard Ryan get back into bed. I stared at the back of his head with jealous scorn that he was able to get Charlie back to sleep so fast and then all of the sudden "sniff... sniff... cough... WAAAAAA!"

My turn. This time I got out the big guns-- Infant Tylenol. I have no idea what you do for teething but it at least makes him sleepy. Twenty minutes of holding, patting, and pacifiering and he was down for the count. Thought "Am parenting genius!" as I eased him into his crib apparently a little too quickly because as soon as his head touched the mattress his arms shot out to the jazz-hands position and he started squeaking and wimpering again. I held the pacifier in his mouth for a few more minutes and he was out.

Five minutes after I fell asleep he was up again. By this time it was time to eat again so Ryan brought him in to me and I fed him in my bed. He fell asleep curled up in my arms and again I (foolishly) attempted a transfer. Finally Ryan went in and slept on the floor next to the crib so he could be there to address every whimper before it turned into wide-eyed awakeness and screaming. He takes good care of us.

I tried to inspect his gums this morning but he thought I was trying to feed him and tried to latch onto my fingers so I couldn't really see anything (I tried just pulling his lips up like you can on Rossby when you need to see his teeth but that didn't work. You have to acually open his mouth. And he gnaws on anything that gets near his mouth these days so that didn't work). So I guess for now we will follow him around with a ready supply of cloth diapers (to wipe up drool and dry soaking wet hands) and Infant Tylenol. He doesn't seem to understand the cold teething chew toy thing I gave him this morning, but I have another one waiting for him when he gets home.

Because there is nothing sadder than a sad baby. Here's a cute picture:

Loooook at my Cheeeeeks
"Loooook at my Cheeeeeks. Kiss them. Pinch them. They're irresistable!"

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Amber said...

Have you tried baby orajel for his gums? I believe you can get it in the diaper/baby section of any grocery store. It has a nice numbing agent that will soothe his gums.