Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the Bullseye of Temptation

Charlie is in his crib, having what I like to call "mobile time", during which I take advantage of the fact that he is totally entranced by his mobile (which is like baby's first acid trip; not only does it spin around, it also plays music and projects a celestial pattern onto a white shade that rotates opposite the direction of the toys) so I can do something important like go to the bathroom, get dinner in the oven, or update my blog (HA like I do that on a regular basis anymore!). I think mobile time will be a standout on my parent-of-the-year application, right after "accidentally let baby watch fight scene on HBO's hit polygamy drama 'Big Love'."
Yesterday Ryan and I went to Target to buy onezies and pacifiers with a handy-dandy coupon Target mailed us. Looking back I should have realized that those coupons were designed to lure us into what I like to call "The Den of Temptation". And I should not have been surprised when I got to the checkout stand with my handy coupons and twenty-dollar gift card and the total was $68.73. Somehow pacifiers and onezies had turned into bottle brush, nursing pads, milk storage bags, pink burp cloths for upcoming girl-baby shower, tin foil, frozen pizzas (2), new dish scrubbing thingy (as referenced in a previous post), Comet soap scum stuff, and yes, pacifiers and onezies. We got the twelve-month old onezies as a last act of coherent decision making before the retail free-for-all began.

Target could be its own drinking game. Every time someone says "Hey, you know what? I've been wanting to pick up one of those!" you have to take a drink (you could totally do that in Baton Rouge where Target sells its own brand of wine by the way).

Ryan and I felt so dirty when we got home after being so mishandled by the Target marketing machine that we loaded Charlie into the Snuggli and cleaned the house. I tackled the bathtub in the master bathroom. And, happily, our bathroom no longer resembles that of a truck stop. Ryan and Charlie vaccuumed and took out all the trash and washed dishes. I changed the sheets (yipee! no more breastmilk smell), mopped the kitchen floor, and washed diapers. Then all of us went to bed at seven-thirty and slept for thirteen hours.
Here are some pictures of our accomplishments:

Clean DipesClean Diapers! Yay! Cloth diapers make me happy because I? Am a freak.

Sugar Cookies for Charlie's TeachersValentine's cookies that we helped Charlie make for his teachers

Snickerdoodles for Charlie's Teachers
More cookies that we helped Charlie make for his teachers. For Valentine's day but mostly because we wanted to eat the dough.

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