Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bring my Stretchy Pants!

A local grocery store chain holds a dinner for Valentine's Day every year. Last year we got all dressed up and went and we had a great time. It was super convenient to pick up milk on the way home too. Here's a picture from last year:

At our table

Here are some pictures of Ryan and Charlie and me this year:

Mr. Handsome Sr. and Mr. Handsome Jr.Me and Charlie at Dinner


Valentine's Dinner

The meal included two of my favorite food groups, potatoes obscurred by cheese and red meat. And we had chocolate mousse cake for dessert.
Dinner was served in the food court of the grocery store. The tables were set beautifully with white tablecloths and red cloth napkins. There were candles and pink carnations. There was prime rib. And waiters. And it was the only place we felt comfortable taking a three-month old thirty minutes before bedtime. And he did very well. There was only one instance of loud diaper activity ("Would you like the salmon or the prime rib?" ppbbbbffftttt...pbbbt...fffffffttth!!!! "Prime rib? Wonderful choice").

Ryan took Charlie to the men's room to change his diaper and while Ryan was working Charlie tried to strike up a conversation with a man at a urinal. Ryan hasn't had a chance to teach Charlie all the subtleties of being a guy. #1, no speaking in the men's room.

The meat came with this tasty white sauce. It was good on the meat and when I ran out of meat I found that it was also good on asparagus, little pieces of potatoes, the end of my fork, and my finger. Ryan came back from the men's room with Charlie before I got a chance to start licking it out of the bowl. But it was ok because that's when they brought dessert. I ate my whole piece of cake and part of Ryan's. It's lucky the button didn't come flying off my pants--someone could have lost an eye (I was wearing PRE-pregnancy camel colored pinstriped wool pants too thankyouverymuch! And a black sweater with a bow. Not bad considering I spent five minutes getting dressed and three of those were spent burrowing through my pre-pregnancy clothes looking for those pants. The pants that FIT did I mention?).

After dinner we went to the car where I wrapped a tshirt I found in the back seat around my freezing cold head and we drove home to hide from the snow and watch the last two episodes of Big Love, which we rented from the video store. SO sad we're done with those.

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