Monday, February 12, 2007

And no one even asked for my number in the waiting room!

Charlie's cold is back. Since he's had this for a little more than a week we decided to take him to the pediatrician (because the pediatrician TOLD us to bring him in if he has had a cold for more than a week. this detail is important).

I decided to dress a little nicer than normal because I want to make friends with other moms and I think the little "homeless chic" thing I've been doing lately (read: clothes that are clean and fit correctly do not exist. And also it is cold and I tend to overdo the layers when I am cold) is a turnoff to potential friends. I wore a long skirt and brushed my hair. It was glamorous.
Charlie and I sat between a very well dressed woman (including makeup and earrings! ooh fancy!) with a seven-month-old named H and an exhausted looking cropped sweatpants and sneakers mom with a five-day-old named J who was there for a weight and color check. (J weighed as much as Charlie did during my last ultrasound when they decided to induce me, yikes!) Earrings Mom and I had a nice chat about our respective babies. Charlie and H both had "the cold" and both enjoyed staring at eachother. Sweatpants Mom and I really hit it off too until I asked her twice in less than a minute how old her baby was (because I am a really super listener and also because I am tired. soo tired).

Charlie was eating lunch when the nurse called him back. She weighed him (19 pounds) and measured him (26 inches) and he was such a good boy this time because they let him keep his clothes on on the scale. Dr. Z came in the little room and asked what symptoms he was having and I told her "nasal congestion, coughing, and fussiness (and he's just not himself, I mean he only slept eleven hours last night, it was ROUGH.)" She looked in his ears and listened to him breathe and said "You have a cold, buddy!" in a tone that made me think she thought I was a little dumb for bringing him in. Then she looked at me and said "humidifier at night, saline drops in the nose, let him rest, keep him warm, lalala you are silly he has a cold we can't help him you should have kept him home lalala give me your copay." I stammered "Oh, um, I brought him in because it's been more than a week (and you told me to bring him in if it was more than a week! See! Following directions! Not overreacting.)" She said "I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it go away" as she walked out of the room and that was that.
I brought Charlie home where he had a wonderful day of sleeping and "developmental play" including rattle grabbing and tummy time and didn't act sick at all. It was one of my favorite days with him so far.

Tummy Time Torture

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