Sunday, February 4, 2007

Am I picky? I don't think I'm picky

A conversation about the next step:

Ryan: So where do you want to live after we graduate?
Me: Oh just apply anywhere you want, we'll make the best of it.
Ryan: Even California?
Me: NOT California!
Ryan: Anything else?
Me: Not Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada... or pretty much any state explored by Louis and Clark. Or that ends in "-ota"
Ryan: What about Illinois?
Me: GOD no!
Ryan: You said you wanted to live in Chicago!
Me: Oh right. Sure.
Ryan: What about New England?
Me: Boston? Yeah!!
Ryan: No, like Vermont or New Hampshire.
Me: Fine whatever, but I'm not wearing motif sweaters at Christmastime.
Ryan: Dallas?
Me: Traffic.
Ryan: Houston?
Me: Humidity
Ryan: New Orleans?
Me: Cataclysmic flooding.
Ryan: We could just stay here, I bet I could get a postdoc.
Me: [unblinking glare]
Ryan: [long frustrated sigh, leaves the room]

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