Tuesday, January 9, 2007

When your mom said "always finish what you start"...

...she obviously didn't have an infant. Which is why my lunch consists of a cold Lean Cuisine pizza and warm orange juice... and maybe I'll have a nice cold cup of coffee to wash it all down. Charlie is taking a nap in his crib now (a new trick he learned at freaking day care). We just got back from a trip to Target for no particular reason except to go to Target, visit the little Starbucks there, and browse the store with Charlie in the stroller.

Our trip this weekend went very well. On the way there Charlie slept the entire way which included two planes and one short layover at DFW. Since we flew the second leg standby we had to wait a couple of hours for our luggage at the Pittsburgh airport, so Ryan and I had lunch at Friday's in the airport. Charlie slept through that too, except for when he was hungry and then I just fed him right at the table and everything was fine again. One neat thing we learned is to ask for a seat to be blocked for Charlie. So then even though we didn't buy him a ticket, he had his own seat and could sit in his carseat leaving our hands free (really great during the 3.5 hour flight). Plus you can cram all your carry-on stuff (which reaches a never before seen volume with all the baby stuff) under the seat in front of HIM and not in front of YOU. Security had the potential to be a little rough given the amount of crap we had with us and the fact that we had fluids and gels packed in nearly every pocket of the diaper bag that had to be located, removed, and shown to the security guy who then insisted on asking me six times if I had any formula or water for formula with me. Thank goodness they didn't enforce that rule about everything being in a one quart bag because then I would have had to lie. Because NO ONE wants a newly vaccinated two month old on a plane for the first time without the baby Tylenol. NO ONE.

Here's a list of everything we put through the scanner (and everything had to be seperate): One backpack (containing Charlie's clothes and blankets), my carry-on (books, camera, phone, wallet, etc), the diaper bag, the car seat, the stroller, one tube of Balmex, one bottle of baby Tylenol, one tube of Neosporin, one tube of lip gloss, one tube of Burt's Beeswax chapstick, and Ryan's belt, keys, change, phone, and wallet. Oh don't forget two pairs of shoes and a coat for each of us. So the drill went like this. I would line up as much stuff as I could on the table in front of the scanner. Then, holding the boarding passes in my mouth, I picked up Charlie and carried him through the metal detector. Ryan would supervise the shoving of the crap into the scanner and then went through the metal detector. Then, I would stand there impatiently holding Charlie while Ryan gathered together the above list and hauled it all over to a place where we could reassemble which usually went something like this: unfold stroller, install infant seat, put Charlie in infant seat, Ryan puts pocket stuff back in pockets, belt back on, shoes back on, I put shoes back on, pick up assorted bags and coats, start to walk away, come back to retrieve liquids and gels, put in obscure pocket of diaper bag where they will never be seen again (except for by some TSA employee when you have to do all of this again in two days), walk several gates into the airport, realize you have no idea where the boarding passes are, lie down on the floor in despair and beg to die.

Our hotel turned out to be just as nice as I expected. The bed was very cozy and Charlie's crib was nice too. It had a blue sheet with clouds on it and came with a cozy woven cotton blanket (which we accidentally stole in a last minute flurry of packing and miscommunication). There was a very nice bathrobe in the bathroom (which Ryan said he knew better than to fight me for) and the coolest showerhead I have ever seen. It had two separate heads and sprayed your head and back at the same time.Charlie's up... more later!

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