Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A quick good morning

Nothing really interesting is going on today but I know A is bored at work and would like something new to read. I am working at home (or at least I will be once I finish this post and the caffeine kicks in) and we now have Charlie in two different church Parents Day Out programs for a total of five days of part time childcare. He went to the new place at our church yesterday and they said he had a really good time. He was asleep in a swing all wrapped up in a cozy blanket when I got there. I had to wake him up to feed him and change him so that we could go to the grocery store on the way home without a lot of drama and he cried a little and then went back to sleep before I could get the bottle warmed up. His report card for the day indicated that he participated in all of the baby activities they have like tummy time, leg runs (which they said he loves!), time on the texture mat, and practicing following objects, making eye contact, and cooing. They LOVE him there.

His teacher was warming up his bottle for me and said "Are you breastfeeding?" I said I was and she looked at the bottle (8 oz of breastmilk) and looked at me wide eyed and said "Oh my gosh this is the best breastmilk I've ever seen!" which must top the list of strange compliments I've received. She told me she has seen breastmilk that is almost water and that most babies only drink a few ounces a day, not eight. So now we know why Charlie outweighs most of the four and five month olds we meet. And we also know that caffeine and occasional alcohol are not hurting anything. (so STUFF IT LC nurse at the hospital!! OK now I feel bad. She was actually very nice and helpful, just a little dictatorial on the caffeine issue and after that I wasn't brave enough to bring up beer).

I'm trying to eat better to develop good habits to model for Charlie and to get some practice making fresh food and preparing vegetables so Charlie doesn't grow up eating Tombstone Pizzas for dinner three times a week. It has been going well. I can make turkey chili and potato soup, and last night I made meatloaf, sweet potatoes, and greenbeans and banana pudding for dessert (did you like that comma splice? Neat, huh?). AND I made all that while Charlie was home! Part of the time he was in the sling happily sucking on his fist (yeah whatever judgy pacifier lady at LLL I HAVE GOOD LOOKING BREASTMILK!). It was easy and it was nice to have a nice dinner to eat. Last night though I had a dream that I went to Starbucks (gaaa!) and drank a Grande Frappachino with whipped cream and felt very guilty (in the dream and when I woke up). So now I am going to go there and get an ICED TEA and nothing else. Except maybe a scone. Probably. See you later.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you. Yesterday morning I called the university I applied to in Austin to check on my application. I kept asking for human resources and finally got someone's voice mail so I left a message (it must be a really small place if human resources has only one employee). When she called back I was feeding Charlie and watching Dr. Phil and my phone was almost out of power so I got up, walked across the house, got the charger, carried it into the kitchen, plugged it in, and plugged my phone into the charger all while nursing Charlie and saying in a cool professional way "Yes, I submitted my application in October for the position of Professor of Physical Science. Yes, I am very interested in the job. Yes, that would be great. Mmm hmm thank you! You have a nice evening!" They're having a meeting this morning to discuss all the applications and she is going to call me back today. They haven't offered anyone an interview yet. Like I said before, they're going to take one look at my Methodist with no teaching experience butt and say "no thanks!" but at least until later today there is hope. But! Am super lactating goddess of multitasking!

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