Tuesday, January 16, 2007

La Leche Meeting Two

I love La Leche League. Today there were lots more people than there were at the last meeting. There were lots of babies under one year and a few who were close in age (although not size) to Charlie. There were a few pregnant women there too. One leaned over to me and said "Do all the women here nurse their children until they are four years old?!" I said "I'm planning on doing it for a year, but I think a lot of these women breastfeed longer, yes." I thought she would be my friend so I said "I have a pacifier. Hee hee hee. But I'm afraid to bring it out here. Hee hee hee." She looked alarmed and said "Pacifiers are terrible for babies! They do blahblahblah to their teeth!" I said "He doesn't have any teeth" and smiled politely. Funny funny lady. I'm gonna sneak a look in her purse in a few months when she brings her newborn back to the meetings. I bet there will be about four of those terrible things in there. And maybe a couple more in the cup holder of her car. I did see pacifiers stashed in the carseats of two other young babies there (pacifiers?! infant carriers?!). To one mom I repeated my pacifier comment and she said that she was also afraid to use it during the meeting. I told her she was brave for bringing the carseat in. She laughed really hard and said "I was afraid to but it is so cold outside and I didn't want to have to strap him in out there." She's going to be my friend I can already tell. I knew it when her older boy laid on the floor scratching his butt with his hand down his pants and she just looked at me and said "He has a skin allergy" and laughed. It might be harder to be friends with the mom whose daughter was EATING A SWEET POTATO LIKE AN APPLE. But she seemed really nice so who knows (also she is the wife of a professor at school who is on Ryan's dissertation committee so being friends with her would be good. But Charlie will only be eating cooked sweet potatoes thankyouverymuch we are NOT that crunchy).

I really can't wait for the next meeting. I joke around a lot about it, but I like the other La Leche people a lot. I even think I'll join the parent organization (haha get it?) so I can get the magazine and the book and support breastfeeding education. Because formula is pushed so hard onto new moms (I received a gift bag at the hospital with "breastfeeding mom" stamped on the outside. Inside was an ice pack for sore breasts [that was the breastfeeding part] and a whole bunch of formula samples and brochures and some sugar water bottles) and it can be hard to learn to breastfeed but it is so good for the baby and the mother and it is so much less expensive. Nothing is wrong with formula, but if you could save $25 a week AND burn an extra 500 calories a day, reduce your risk of certain cancers, and build your baby's immunity wouldn't you want to know how?Here is your cute baby picture for the day:

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