Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hotel luxury and mad Charlie

Tomorrow Ryan and Charlie and I go to Pittsburgh for my friends A and S's wedding. We are staying in an extremely nice hotel because of the surprisingly reasonable rate negotiated by A for the wedding guests. It's a hotel with ROBES. I have never stayed in a robe-level hotel. ROBES trump cinnamon rolls and coffee in the lobby any day I don't care how enticing they look on all the billboards. And? There are special toiletries. And a full-sized heated indoor lap pool. And the best part? There is a special kind of bed with special covers. I am a great appreciator of special beds. I may never leave. Are you ready for the other best part? Charlie is getting a CRIB with THE SAME KIND OF SPECIAL BED only smaller. I only wish it was safe to let him use a down comforter because damn, this is as good as it's gonna get for him bed-wise until he starts buying his own comforters (which I realize won't happen until he gets married so I hope he picks a girl with some sense). I wonder if the tub will be big enough for a family bubble bath so we can all enjoy the special toiletries. OOH if they provide a little tiny robe I will just die. Please try not to make fun of me on Monday when the first forty-nine pictures on my Flickr site were all taken in the hotel room.

Charlie had five vaccinations today. One was oral (very confusing to him) and four were shots. SHOTS! With NEEDLES! Poor. little. guy! He was so happy this morning too. So happy. Even when he had to be weighed naked, which he has always hated, he was calm (By the way, he weighs 15.8 pounds and is 24 inches long oh my Holy Lord). He smiled during the exam and was a sweet, perfect, charming little angel. Then they came at him with the needles. Immediately after the first stick he got this awful confused look on his face ("Et tu Mama?") for a split second and then the screaming began. The nurse was good about doing all four shots pretty quickly and with every new stick came a louder level of crying. He was absolutely miserable. And when I was getting him dressed after the trauma a bandaid came off and I got blood all over my hand. His blood! His sweet little baby blood that should never, ever, ever come out of his sweet little baby veins! He was so worked up he had to go to Starbucks afterwards and have a large iced tea and some banana bread and even then he was so distracted he couldn't do the Sudoku in the paper.

This afternoon was hard for him. He slept a lot but when he woke up he was mad mad mad and he would NOT let me put him in his crib to sleep. I guess he figured since I had betrayed him once today he better keep an eye on me.Tomorrow the reign of terror that started yesterday with day care continues as we are taking him on an airplane. Poor kid is going to be on prescription anti-anxieties and twice-weekly visits with some school counselor named Miss Julie by kindergarten.Imagine a witty and clever post wrap-up here. Wish us luck this weekend!

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