Thursday, January 11, 2007


Fact 1: Drinking beer while watching ER results in a slight blurring of the lines which normally separate my life from the lives of the characters.

Fact 2: I am going to have nightmares about that episode until next Thursday when they KILL OFF ALL OF THE GOOD CHARACTERS oh my gosh.

Fact 3: It is fun to watch ER with someone who, like me, sorta believes all the characters on ER are their friends (Friends who are all now in grave danger. Thanks for NOTHING NBC!!). Thanks A, I hope you don't mind other people knowing that.

Fact 4: A is a fun friend. Last night it was cookies and criticizing the Victoria's Secret models in the catalog (because yeah you have impossibly huge boobs and tiny hips but can you tell me whether that low pressure system will bring rain to MyTown? OK me neither but I bet I can integrate by parts faster than you!) and tonight it was beer and brownies and Thursday Night TV.

Fact 5: Brownies are yummy.Fact 5a: Brownies make your ass big.Fact 5b: Need to learn some self control already and STOP BUYING BROWNIE MIX!

Fact 6: The dead-thing funk remains, but was greatly improved by leaving the windows and back door open all day (because it was in the sixties).

Fact 7: The forecast HIGH temperature for Saturday is 23 degrees FAH-REN-HEIT. This means you should cover your plants, bring in your pets, and pile all your furniture in the middle of your biggest room because you will need to burn it for warmth. Remind me about Saturday when I say idiotic things like "Wouldn't it be kinda fun to live in Boston or Chicago and not have a car?" Yeah moron that would be just super. You would have to choose between going outside where you would certainly freeze to death or starving to death in your apartment because there is not a coat big enough to make it safe to go to the grocery store!

Fact 8: If this is the best I can do then it is time for me to go to bed! (And it's still de-lurking week, see last post) Night!!

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