Wednesday, January 3, 2007


This morning Ryan and I spent a rather stressful hour getting ready to take Charlie to daycare (Note: Get things together the night BEFORE [and set the freaking alarm clock] so that you don't find yourself nursing the baby half asleep at 7:49 wearing nothing but underpants and a t-shirt when you wanted to get to the daycare place by 8:00 thinking "You're SHAVING? Are you kidding me? We have like two minutes and you're SHAVING?" even though it's really not a big deal because who the heck cares when he gets to daycare because no one's boss is in town and you're just taking your nervousness out on your poor husband and you are cranky because you're half asleep and your nipples hurt). When we finally got to the door, ready to leave, we each had a bag packed for Charlie with a blanket, diapers, and pacifiers. My bag also contained an extra outfit in case the daycare workers were more squeamish about Charlie wearing spitup than I am (seriously if I changed his outfit every time he spit up on it we would have to LIVE at KOHLS).

I carried Charlie into the daycare room and everyone oohed and ahhed over him. Ryan put the bottles in the fridge and finished filling out the paper work. I put Charlie in one of the ExerSaucer thingies (instant screaming... "Ooh, I guess you're not ready for that!" I said brightly... see how cool, calm, and collected I am?). I found a bouncer seat just like the one we have at home and strapped him into it so he could look at another baby there named P. Charlie was fascinated by P and they were still staring at eachother when Ryan and I left. P is an adorable, delicate and petite five month old whom Charlie outweighs by at least two pounds.I used my five hours of childcare wisely and got lots of work done.


I downloaded songs on iTunes and ate like four cups of M&Ms. Oh and I re-read my (effing) dissertation proposal and made a three line to-do list for when I'm better able to concentrate (probably about eighteen hours before my advisor gets back into town). I also stared at pictures of Charlie and pumped breastmilk (mooo).When I arrived at Charlie's classroom I said "Hi" from the doorway. The teacher was feeding Charlie in a swing and when he heard my voice he stopped eating and turned toward me (weeps). I walked over and sat next to him and he smiled at me (weeps weeps!). When I got him home I fed him the rest of the bottle he had been eating and let him play on the floor some. When he got fussy I picked him up and wrapped us both up in a cozy quilt and sat on the couch. Rossby jumped up on my legs and the three of us slept for about two and a half hours (I woke up after an hour, Charlie and Rossby slept for-EV-er). Charlie was totally wiped out (I guess he had a good time at daycare). It was lovely and warm and cozy and I could have stayed there all evening.

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