Friday, January 19, 2007

Corn Dogs?

The blizzard of ought seven has begun as an unimpressive mix of freezing rain, sleet, and regular rain. Ryan took Charlie to daycare and I went to the grocery store to pick up some items like deodorant that we don't want to be without while we are all trapped in the house together. I was curious to see if the residents of MyTown had heeded the advice of the local news last night when they said to stock up on non-perishable, high-protein food items in case the snow made the power go out for a few days. The bread display was fully stocked, so was water. I didn't pass by peanut butter but I'm sure it was fully stocked as well. The only thing unusual that I noticed was that a freezer case that normally contains frozen corn dogs, according to the signs, was totally empty. Apparently most residents of MyTown are followers of the Ray Nagin School of Disaster Preparedness. Of course I am preparing for the storm by downloading iTunes 7 so I can put the video of "Guy Love" from the Scrubs Musical on my iPod so I really shouldn't be making judgements.

I did discover a silver lining to this whole winter thing, however. You can buy milk and eggs at the grocery store and then leave them in your car while you walk down to the coffee shop (ok ok it was Starbucks, dirty corporate coffee, I'm ashamed. I'll blame it on the weather) and nothing will spoil. It's like I live in a big refrigerator!! Isn't that fun?

Now it's time to whine about things that annoy me but don't effect me in any way at all. In anticipation of the big blizzard the local public schools have all closed, as well as most daycares and parents-day-out programs (Charlie's closes at noon). MyUniversity, however, is on the regular schedule. So the largest employer in MyTown is requiring all it's employees and students to come to work and school but there is no place for all of their kids to go. So, either a lot of people at MyUniversity will be forced to use a sick day or miss class or bring their kids with them or it's gonna get all Lord of the Flies around here in a hurry. Genius. This adds to my already considerable annoyance with MyUniversity for repeatedly failing to cancel school for bad weather until at least two-hundred wrecks (and this time I'm not exagerating believe it or not) have occured in and around the city. Usually they do something awesome like closing early after the snow has all melted and it's sixty degrees outside or delaying opening the day after the bad weather when the roads are clear. Their argument goes along the lines of "well if you lived on campus you wouldn't have to drive to class." To which I want to reply "Build family housing and we'll talk!!" It's a stupid argument anyway because they don't house faculty and staff on campus and the dorms only hold about 20% of the undergraduate population. I gotta get out of this place.OK, that's all for now. If you don't see me over the weekend it'll be because the power is out and I'm trying to figure out how to prepare frozen corn dogs on my grill.

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