Friday, December 15, 2006

Soundtrack for my Day

I'm making an effort to not keep the TV on all day long anymore because really, I don't want Charlie to be desensitized to the loud fighting rednecks on Divorce Court or to start making statements in the form of a question. This means that I must keep my iPod playing continuously to keep from totally losing my mind. It also means that Charlie gets to witness my incredibly bad singing and dancing which, yesterday on a couple of occaisions, caused him to stop fussing and stare at me in horror (Momma, we both know that's a rolling pin so stop using it as a microphone already, gaa!).

9:00 AM Feed baby and bathe babywitty-ish Today Show banter (I have to watch the Today Show, what am I a caveman?)

9:30 AM Load of laundry #1 (mine)
silence... GAA turn on the music QUICK!!

9:40-11:00 AM Straigtening guest room for my parents (including cramming all prepregnancy clothes into a box as I chastised myself for eating cookies for breakfast OMG these are NEVER going to fit again what the hell is the point. contemplate loading all offending clothes into car and taking them to Goodwill. decide Goodwill is a bad idea, would rather live in dream world where skirts that haven't fit since I was nineteen will one day magically fit again despite the wild changes my hips have gone through for a little while before throwing them all out the window of my moving car in a fit of rage)
iPod mix: Rent soundtrack, Flogging Molly

11:30 AM-12:30 PM Read paper at Coffee Shop, utter constant silent prayers that baby stays asleep
Coffee Shop Christmas mix (music plus caffeine plus "me-time" puts me in cheerful can-do holiday mood)

12:45-1:30 PM Pick up new birth control prescription (which could turn me into a scary bitch just in time for the holidays... decide to wait until Monday to begin taking prescription so my mom doesn't stage some kind of intervention regarding my wild behavior at Charlie's Christening on Sunday) and grocery shop (if buying egg nog, cheese, and vanilla frosting qualify as "groceries". Mmmm cheese and egg nog)
Christmas Muzak provided by grocery store, remain in chipper holiday mood until I get to the parking lot which... yeah. Let's not discuss that damn parking lot.

1:45-2:00 PM Load washer with load #2 (Ryan's), move load #1 to drier, fold diapers that have been sitting in drier for almost three days. (more silent "baby stay asleep" prayers)
Bruce Springsteen and Flogging Molly on iPod

2:00 PM to present Straighten up house for parent's and in-law's visit and brunch (Mother of God this place is disgusting. Who's the genius who thought it would be good to have people over? Oh right, that was me) on SundayBen Harper, Eric Peters, Santana, and Fiona Apple on iPod mix

I think Charlie's little growth spurt (read: FOUR LONG DAYS OF NEAR-CONSTANT HUNGER) is over thank goodness. So he *should* be pretty calm this weekend. Think happy thoughts stay calm babies are supposed to cry it's what they do he's really not bothering us I promise why don't you lay down for a few minutes while I hold him really some sleep will do you good are you sure you didn't start that new birth control yet because OW OW OW OW OW those are my eyes!!! Actually, he is starting to get kinda pudgy and really really really freakin' cute and OMG you can't imagine how big he is (tawk amongst ya'selves). Alright. Guess I should reward him for taking such a nice long carseat nap by giving him something to eat. Have a good weekend everyone!!

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