Friday, December 8, 2006

My hair was driving me absolutely crazy. I had decided to grow it out because I thought it would look less like mom-hair and it got really long (and split-endy and tangly). But I was never meant to have long hair. I had a coupon from a friend for ten dollars off a cut from the girl she goes to at this place over by school I went to once a long time ago, so yesterday I made an appointment for seven and Ryan met me and took Charlie so I could get a haircut. I sort of remember this place being pretty nice and that the guy did a good job, but I was blown away by how great the whole experience was. After I sat in the chair and told H what I wanted done with my hair (shorter, much shorter, easy to take care of... like wash and go...I don't own a blow drier, no really...did I mention I have a one-month old? oh thank you! it's a boy... Charlie...yes, really no blow drier...because it makes my hair puff up like a tumbleweed), she offered me a selection of beverages. When she returned with my hot cup of Chai Tea she said "Wait here for a minute, my assistant will come and give you a head, neck, and shoulder massage." Oh my it was fantastic. (Normally I get my hair cut somewhere that costs like eleven dollars and usually I get them to wash my hair first and hope they use really hot water and are a little rough because it feels soooo good when people wash my hair for me. But this was better. Way better) After the head, neck, and shoulder massage they took me to the hair washing sink. The chair had a footrest. And a padded place for your neck. I was beginning to care less and less how much this haircut would cost. In fact I completely forgot that we live on a budget at all and decided that this should be a weekly event and what the hell while I'm here why don't you do my toenails too? So then, after about an hour of a level of luxury never before imagined by me, we got to the hair cutting part. H sat on a stool and very carefully cut the back of my hair to the right length. Then she made sure I was happy with it and cut the rest of my hair. She did neat things that make it curl under and look nice and applied a bunch of products (AND she told me she cut it so that I should be able to recreate the look just by washing it and letting it dry. No blow drier!) and somehow managed to totally defy my DNA and make my hair shiny and swingy and exactly how I've always wanted it to look. H will you marry me? Because I really need you to come live in my house and let me be your apprentice so I can look like this all the time. I gave her an embarrasingly huge tip (in lieu of washing her feet. This was an entirely new level of gratitude. Do you know what a head, neck, and shoulder rub means to someone who's spent the last month covered in breastmilk? I could weep with joy just thinking about it).

Alright, Ryan and I are going to watch "Click" with Adam Sandler and eat homemade-ish cookies. We just got back from the Candlelight festival at the Ranching Heritage Center. Charlie was perfect, slept in the sling the whole time (he was wrapped in about ten layers of fleece) and now he is asleep in his crib. Gooooooooooood boy!

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