Saturday, December 30, 2006


I tried the new breast pump out today. I thought it would be hard and take some time to figure out, but I didn't even read the instructions. I hooked everything up, pushed the plastic baby-lips up against my nippies and let 'er rip. The motion is designed to mimic sucking, and it actually feels very similar. You can adjust the speed and the suction and I set it up so that it kinda felt like Charlie. And? It sounds EXACTLY like milk from a cow going into a bucket. No lie. Apparently my body is not shy about producing milk (I guess I could have guessed that based on my earlier experience of sporting milk stains everywhere I went) in any manner, baby or no. Ryan is feeding Charlie now with the bottle, which he seems to like ok. The milk comes out VERY fast, so I think we're going to go get a slower nipple tomorrow. He finished all eight ounces that I pumped and I really hope he's full so I can pump some more and have extra (for when I make a run for Mexico later this week! Mwa ha ha ha ha).

Look who's big!
He's also going to try his new Bum Genius diaper tonight stuffed with two absorbant inserts. Hopefully it will go the distance during his long sleeping stretch (about 6 hours usually) and wee wee will not leech up the back of his shirt like it has in the past (nothing like picking up a pee soaked baby at 4 am, poor kiddo).

Below is a picture of Charlie in his new big-boy two piece dinosaur pajamas (from Nana and Papa Ed) and his Trumpette socks-that-look-like-sneakers from Santa. So cute I can't stand it.

We're home tonight after a great trip to Austin and Dallas to see our families for the holidays. Happy New Year everyone!!

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