Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone! Charlie had a good first Christmas complete with family traditions despite his absentminded parents. During Christmas Eve dinner we realized that church started at 7:00 and we only had two minutes to get there. Ryan even had to drive us there because of the single glass of wine I had with dinner (nine months of abstinence from alcohol has turned me into a very cheap date). So we arrived ten minutes late in jeans and sneakers with no diaper bag (and no nursing pads I realized towards the end; thank goodness I had my coat to cover up the wet spots). I spent most of the service in the back doing the new-mom aerobics, bouncing and jumping back and forth from foot to foot. An understanding grandma held the program for me so I could participate in the service (although it wasn't really necessary, most of the responses and readings are long committed to memory). If the service hadn't ended when it did I was going to have to ask the mother of the only other baby there for a diaper (and that baby was six months old)! We took Charlie up to the front during Communion and he was blessed by the minister. That was really special. When we got home we opened presents with my aunt and uncle and cousins and my sister and brother-in-law.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings (Charlie's was full thanks to an eleventh hour trip to CVS to pick up more stocking stuffers). Charlie got a set of toy keys, a bottle (for daycare which starts in like a week oh my gosh!), some lotion and bath stuff, and some more Nuks. Ryan's favorites were the jelly beans and raisins and my favorites were the super high fiber chocolate chip cookies and leave in conditioner/shine enhancer. Ryan was so thoughtful with his Christmas presents. He even gave me a gift certificate for another haircut at the place I mentioned in a previous post!

We had Christmas dinner last night at my aunt and uncle's house. There were about sixteen people around the dining room table for beef tenderloin, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, and twice baked potatoes plus wine and dessert. What an amazing meal!! And great company too.

Today we went back to the Alamo Drafthouse to see "We Are Marshall" at the Baby Day showing. Charlie was perfect again, sleeping most of the time and then eating towards the end of the movie. Here's a picture:

Charlie at the Drafthouse

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