Saturday, December 23, 2006

County Comes to Town

Today my grandma and Charlie and I went to visit my sister, who is tiny and adorable and training for a marathon, at the Starbucks where she is a manager. Charlie looked sweet, in white footy pajamas with a print of multicolored animals. I looked like a Katrina refugee fresh off a twelve hour unairconditioned bus ride to Houston in baggy (yes! Baggy! Like sliding off my butt when I walked. Isn't it wonderful?) black maternity pants and a gray "Texas Tech Mechanical Engineering" t-shirt with two half-inch holes in the back. And did I mention that I forgot my hairbrush so I haven't exactly been keeping up with the maintenance?

The three of us walked into the store, Charlie in the stroller. My sister, K, came out and showed him around to all her employees. My grandma and I ordered drinks and visited with K and then left. I'm sure at this point that I still seemed pretty normal, if a little disheveled and pudgy. We pulled out of the parking lot and had driven about fifteen minutes down the road when I pulled into a bank to use the ATM to get some cash my my had asked for for K. My grandma said that we were supposed to give it to her today (different people get different details of the story). So back we went to Starbucks.

By this time we didn't have enough time to get home before Charlie's next feeding so Grandma and I decided to stay for lunch at K's store. After we split a (really really good) sandwich, some chips, and a cookie it was time for Charlie's lunch. I asked K if it was ok to feed him there and she said "Whatever, I mean it's the law right? (read: eech! You're going to take your boobs out in my store you freaky hippy?)" Anyway, he was hungry and by this point it was too cold to feed him in the car and it was raining. So he ate in Starbucks and it was no big deal. (Have I told you how heartbreakingly adorable he is? I just can't believe it sometimes) Before we left I changed him on the bathroom floor (ewww!) using a changing pad fashioned from the Lifestyles section of the newspaper and a few cloth diapers. I also washed his hands with a wipe afterwards just in case.

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